Friday, April 23, 2010

My New Etsy Purchases

Thank you - and you know who you are - for buying my lovely skirts off of Etsy yesterday! I, in turn bought groceries, paid Comcast, and bought myself a couple little vintage patterns.

This one will be worn at my son's wedding next year. Thats the plan anyway. It will go swell with my new look (get it!). I will be chic and socially acceptable and no one but my closest dear ones (and an ex dear one) will know the crazy girl inside. I will be poised and sophisticated in this silhouette, don't you think? Little will anyone know of the trouble maker that lurks inside!

I have two choices here - summer sophisticate or cool weather svelt. Either will take me anywhere I want to go.........unless they have some funky ho down wedding or something like that and then I'm screwed.

And this is a little outfit right out of 1952 for little Ivy Skye. She is either going to just hate me and be traumatized and  embarrassed to death by my eclectic tastes - or she wont care. I don't care either. It'll be fun! Wouldn't this be perfect Gothic Lolita though?

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