Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Indie Bazaar - October 23rd

I will be vending at The Indie Bazaar at Brief Space in the Metreon!
October 23rd
Saturday 12-5 pm

Salome's Suitcase will be there too and we will be bringing our hand crafted treasures for your enjoyment.........please join us there.........see all the new beauty we will be bringing with us.....this will be fun!!!!!!

This is such a cool part of town. parks, museums, movies, shopping, dining.....................and so easy to get to! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Review of Fluff

I was wondering how many Flounces Ive made over the last few years. I don't have time to do the math or go through all the photos, so I pulled a few pictures that Ive posted on Etsy and Im putting them here to see how pretty and fun they are. Fluffie Pantaloons, Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pants, Fluffie Leg Ruffles. That's a lot of I want to post all the examples of pants I have sold.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Great Collaboration

A while back I made these harem pants for Elizabeth Strong. They turned out awfully cute and I wasnt sure about them until they were finished and she tried them on. Simply because Im not a fan of that dropped crotch look, ( I saw the damage done back in the 80,s).........but this seemed a bit different - and it was...........the "cutout" parts in the front have a cowled, drapey effect, and it really works with the rest of the outfit, although its hard to see whats going on in the photo. Lesson: you have to look at the bigger picture. Espeacilly when making components!
Liz brought me some burn out velvet to work with and I already had the rayon striped fabric that I had purchased earlier as curtains at Anna's Linnens on Mission Street in San Francisco. It had that bronzie vintage feel about it, I was saving for some future project,  and I was happy to use it in this costume. Liz had a strong idea about what she wanted and I was able to play out that idea with a mockup and a couple of fittings.
Rose Harden embellished the pants later on and I believe that she and Medina Maitreya made the bra. FoolProof Studio completed the ensemble with headdress and ankle jewelry.

Another successful collaboration between members of Salome's Suitcase - what can I say. We all rock. And I do have to say that while we are all capable of making striking one of a kind outfits each on our own, it can be faster to have us all be making bits and parts here and there to pull together into one lush look. And lush describes what we do to a T.

These days,  Ive been wanting  to sit down again and make a whole outfit for myself or for someone else. The economic downslide has hit me hard here. I would love it if someone with great taste would just buy the lushes trims and fabrics and say, here, I'll pay all your expenses for a month if you would just concentrate on me and make me the coolest outfit that anyone has ever seen.........that's how I would like this all to work again.......It could be bridal or a great outfit or costume..........but  until people are ready to spend again, it is a nice feeling to still be making striking garments - components to your wardrobe - and  to help people shine in their spotlight! 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Need A Logo

I know. It just isn't right that I don't have one. That will have to change soon.
Today was just lovely. I swept more leaves into a new pile that I'll put in a compost bin someday soon........Ive been in a very Halloweenish mood these days. They say there are no seasons in California, but if you are aware, it is obvious. Just maybe not as extreme as elsewhere.

Right now, I'm getting some scarves and gloves up in the Etsy shop. And maybe I should put those Halloween pasties up that have been needing homes forever. I just found them packed away in a suitcase that has never been opened since.......I don't know when.  It really is incredible what I find in corners and bins all tucked away.

And Ive got more Sampants and Ivypants on their way. Just have to get caught up with a few more orders and then I can start cutting and sewing these up.

So much to do!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Etsy Equinox Sale!!!!

Im having a little Autumnal Sale on Etsy for specific items that perhaps you are sitting on the fence about...........
   like this plus sized coffee dyed and distressed 18th century styled corset........very Steampunk (well, they traveled back in time) .........15% off might help!
I'll be putting new things up for sale and for your perusal as well as a new mark down here and there. Ive already marked my aprons down by at least half - so no new mark downs for those! :(

Thank you, everyone who helped me with your purchases, for getting me jump started into a new location and a new life! Im loving it here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Port Costa Art Show

 Yesterday was a vending day for me at the Port Costa Art Show. It wasn't technically a Salome's Suitcase gig, but those of us living nearby set up a booth there. It was such a great day! We hung out and schmoozed with the neighbors. I met a bunch of new people and made new friends, I sold some of the new scarves that I made last week, and my sister brought my niece and nephew - so the afternoon in Port Costa flew by. I had no expectations for the day other than to participate in a fun cause, hang with friends, and meet new ones.. I was kind of blown away by the high caliber of creativity in this area. Its not your typical arts and crafts event. We've got some fairly famous people in their particular chosen craft living here in this remote oasis.

I participated in an art show several years ago here at the school and they have done a lot since then to fix her up and keep her going. The school was built in 1911 and the community is working hard on preserving this landmark that I have grown very fond of.
 And then, after the day, after the four of us helped each other unload, we all headed over to Toots Tavern to unwind - also conveniently located. I proclaim the day a success.

Now to clean up the clutter that a vending excursions creates, and on to finishing up some projects. This will keep me out of trouble for the day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rashani World Fusion Every Third Friday In San Francisco!

 Our L's Cafe gig is getting more and more popular! Its really a nice way to start off your weekend! The cafe is easy to get to, nice to hang out in, and not one of those super trendy pretentious places where attitude is key. Don't get me wrong, I like those places too .....but I'm  saying this as a compliment to little neighborhood establishments! You can bring your mom - or grandma - or your kids - or the in laws - or a first date  for a little happy taste of San Francisco in the Mission District!

Happy Hour rocks!

Rashani world fusion performs two sets every third Friday of the month! 7 pm and 8pm.

I was in moving hell for a while and couldn't participate, but I'm back! This Friday I will be dancing with Wendy Marlatt and Jessie Gauld!!!! Jessie was a member of FatChanceBellyDance once upon a time and now subs for Jill Parker when Jill is out of town. Jessie and Wendy are both amazing dancers and a treat to watch - and well, I just have a blast, so you will have to judge for yourself when you come on down!!!!!

L's Cafe
September 17th
7-9 pm
24th street and Bryant

"Rashani World Fusion is a place where ancient tradition meets contemporary California innovation. A blend of Tribal, Tribal Fusion and Tribaret with a sprinkling of Flamenco, Romany and Indian styling.
I invite collaborations from friends and fellow dancers to provide a unique monthly line up every third Friday at L's Cafe. Always fresh........always improvised!"
Wendy Marlatt

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast Blogging

I need never worry about being bored or lonely here in Crockett. In fact, I have more company and things to do to keep me entertained than I did in the city. Granted, I felt I had just plain done it all in the city and was ready to move on, but I have a full plate every single day. I am constantly amazed and inspired by all that goes on around me in this small town.

Never a dull moment.

Our last Stitch N Bitch  started at my house. Sandi, Lee, and Katherine Summer each brought their current project over and I worked on a quilt that Ive never been able to finish. But then the subject of photo shoots came up and we headed over to the Port Costa Warehouse for Bloody Marys, Manhattans, and the keys to the Burlington Hotel.

Ive blogged about this town before, I was yearning to live here once. And while I looked at several places for rent, the timing was never quite right and it felt just a little too isolated - which gives it that charm - but maybe not so great for the likes o me without a car. However, now it is  just a stones' throw away and so handy for a sometimes much needed break! Port Costa was a booming little town in its day and now it is the place to head to for charm, great drinks (Bloody Mary heaven ), outlaws and colorful characters. I'm a total tourist right now. But hopefully I can integrate into the culture of this area  somewhat............

Katherine Summer got the keys and we went into the hotel for a look see. Supposedly an old brothel and haunted, it is  available for rental and we got super inspired. It even has the names of the girls on the doors.Whether this has just been fabricated for amusement, I don't know - I don't think anyone really does anymore -  but it sure is a fun bit of local lore. I got lots of new ideas from wandering those halls! You can see more about our adventure here at the Salome's Suitcase blog.
Check out the wallpaper.

Theater Of Dreams is across the street. I'm a big fan. I believe Wendy Addison spends her time between her home here and her friends and business connections on the east coast. Her studio is usually open twice a year, but if she is around and you are around, she might let you in, Ive been lucky enough to catch her and check out her fabulous storefront. Can you say Vintage German Glass Glitter?
In order to start connecting with the community, several of us in Salome's Suitcase will have a booth at the Port Costa Arts and Crafts show this Sunday the 19th of September. We are not going to be representing Salomes' Suitcase - but will be hanging out, enjoying the day, and bringing some of our personal and  unique artsy crafty pieces that will be sure to be a hit. It will be at the old Port Costa School. Follow the winding road. You cant miss it!

So now I'm off to finish wrapping up some Etsy merchandise and making a trip to ye old post office!
See you Sunday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I Make Things The Way I Do

Ive been thinking more and more these days about teaching. Its not that I know everything about sewing or constructing clothing. Its not that I have endless ideas that I want to pass on or the patience that this takes. Its not that I know better than many about how things are supposed to work. Its just that I want people to sew and create and keep the fabric stores open. I don't want this skill to die. I want fabric stores to stay open with well stocked shelves. I want people to experience all the highs and lows of making something with their own two hands. I want people to learn how to problem solve. I want people to think about how things are made and why they are constructed in the manner they were created.

This morning I posted a blurb on Facebook about a new pair of pants that I recently made. I named them after my granddaughter Ivy. I just changed out the ruffles on a basic upper body that has been working well for most. I had been wanting to make these for a long time and  they turned out pretty cute. Immediately someone said they were cute but would look cuter if all the ruffles were in lace, and not just the lower one. All ego aside, this made me think about why I made them the way that I did and I was very grateful for her question.  I didn't have to make the upper body AND the first tier of flounces out of the cotton lycra. I could have made all the ruffles out of lace. So many others do things like this - but why didn't I? Why will I do this on the longer pants and not the shorter pants?

Its because short pants - Capri's - can very often look bad on most legs if the seams and hemline are in the wrong place on the leg. Any time you place a horizontal seam on those limbs, you are in danger of tricking the eye into seeing a shorter leg. When you don't carry that line down the leg, your legs look chopped up. And lets face it, most of us do not have models' legs. And even though I did have those legs and could wear a multitude of sins quite well back when the comets were hitting the earth, those days are over and many never have that chance.  Yet we should all be able to wear fun clothing. I also want to be able to wear this stuff. The trick is to convey to the observer that you look just as nice in this garment as the next person. So if I had made both my ruffles out of lace on the Ivypants, your leg could have looked chopped in half depending on your body type, whereas now the line is more flattering.

I can successfully stop the flounces at the lower thigh on my longer pants because I know which fabrics will carry that line down the leg - and with five flounces, the eye does travel down the leg and doesn't stop at the lower thigh.

See - this is the stuff that you pay for when you buy my garments. There are lots of pants out there on the market now, but I'm telling you - without meaning to toot my own horn all that loudly - that many of them may be cute on the hanger, but not so much on you. Oh, the horrors of what Ive seen on stage!

I also want much of my line of clothing to be crossed over into other areas of dress - not just for stage or dance practice. I want you to be able to incorporate these items into your wardrobe as well as your stage wear. This isn't always possible, but I do design with that in mind when appropriate. So the pants just have to look good on your legs - tall, short, skinny, fat........the lines have to go in the right places. You don't want the eye to stop and screech to a halt in the wrong places - trust me on this. I sure don't!!!!!! I can make a lot of stuff. I can throw fabrics together and put seams in inappropriate place just to make a buck. You might even buy it - but I wouldn't do that to you.

Sorry for the bad photo - I'm saving up for a new camera that does the trick!