Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Cotton Lycra Sampant Is Back!

 My beloved heavy weight cotton lycra is back in my studio!

Over the last few months, Ive been sourcing materials and ordering fabrics that have been hard for me to get lately. Ive searched high and low for a source that is reliable and doesn't require me to order hundreds of yards of fabric at a time. I just learned that anything under 100 yards is considered sample yardage. Gone are the days when I can just walk into a discounted fabric store and obtain my precious cotton lycra at a good price. So I was forced into the world of dealing with the big boys.

It was bound to happen eventually, right?

Well that part is over and I'm back in the saddle again! Ive been making the heavy Cotton Lycra ruffled capris that started that whole ruffled capri mania out there in the world a few years back! They are a great addition to your wardrobe - and if your older ones are starting to wear out, these are not out of this world expensive yet. I have listed a few sizes up in my Etsy store! This fabric is a great weight for making pants and skirts. It holds up well to wear and tear, is versatile for dance or day wear, and these sweet little capris are perfect for the upcoming warm weather!

Im so happy to be making these again!

Here's a quick link to my Etsy store! Ive got new ideas to get sewn up as well!! Bur I thought I would start with these!