Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Why I thought I could make this move happen quickly and without pain, I have no idea. Perhaps because the mere thought of moving kinda makes me sick and I just chose to be in denial.

I expect that it will take me a good week now to get set back up - although I will still be working and checking emails. Everything will be going under one roof again, which will make my life much more efficient. Im so excited!

Bear with me!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Turkey Not Good

DO NOT......
I REPEAT......
DO NOT stop drinking coffee cold turkey while moving
and working furiously with deadlines.

Not a good idea!


Saturday, January 17, 2009


I should be working because I am overwhelmed with so much to do right now, but I just cant help myself - I found a home! I can rest. I can nest. I can work when I need to and the commute will be very, very short. The neighborhood is great. The bus stops a stones throw away. Im surrounded by cheap eats, good produce, and the hippest shops. Im sure that I'll be in heaven once Im all moved in. And ........tada! Im a short walk to a good fabric store! And best of all, hell aint freezin over yet - so thats a good sign, right? (unless you are over on the other side of the country)

Ive been needing to nest for a long, long time now, and every time I try, Im just up against a wall, so now I can. Its been a long adventure - and lets just leave it at that. Not only will I be happier, but a happy Kathleen gets her work done quicker and can actually go have fun now and then!

I found this photo of a nest. And it led me here - a great green reuse crafty blog! So read it because its full of fun little crafty ideas! And you can learn to make this nest! Every home needs one. And a house isnt a home unless you can nest.

Here is one of my new room mates!
Isn't he just adorable?

So I probably wont be working for the first week of February and although Im overwhelmed with the amount that I have to do before then, hey, I am never bored.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I like to promote my friends when at all possible and I believe in their work. This man's art is especially amazing and you should go to this if you are in the area.
He also dresses very nice and I give him extra kudos for this!

Patrick Segui
The Shooting Gallery
February 7th
839 Larkin St.
Sf, Ca


Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'll Be Vending At The Edwardian Ball!

Its time for the Edwardian Ball again! And this time I'll be vending! So come by and say hi!

There is so much amazing entertainment as always, but there seems to be so much more this year - or maybe more of who I like. And it is always so much fun to see what everyone is wearing!

I will be accepting checks with proper id, legal tender and swigs off your flask - but no credit cards - sorry!

Come out to the ball!

The Regency Center
Sutter and Van Ness
San Francisco
Friday vending
January 23