Thursday, April 20, 2017

Venice Carnival Happened

Venice Carnival happened and I helped dress Lynn Rutter and Erling Wold again . I always jump when they need something made because they are so much fun to work with!

We spruced up the muslin over dress that I had created for her marriage to Erling several years ago. Its so pretty and I love that she got to wear it again! She wore it over a Dark Garden corset and matching skirt. I was over the moon as I didn't really get a full length photo of this creation on the big day! The Empress was a vision!

Erling needed something to go under this coat that I had made for him quite some time ago. I was pleased that with all the wear and tear that this garment has gone through, I really didnt need to repair it at all. I found some pretty claret colored fabric and dandified him up with a new waistcoat and breeches. I did a lot of hand applique on the waistcoat and he does look divine if I do say so myself. We made it so that he could also wear it with a gorgeous frock coat that he had acquired through ACT.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Ive been pretty busy in March. Now that we have the longer daylight, I get more done (I spend my mornings doing admin and sourcing - plus all the errands......). Ive had lots of vintage alterations lately, which I dearly love. I'm finishing up a few projects and starting a few more.............gotta keep the flow going...........I helped style a bridal photo shoot with Black Lotus Clothing last week. We should hopefully see results of that in May.

Every now and then, I miss a call or someone  doesn't call me back. I do my best to get right back to all of you, but please give me a few days just in case I'm in deadline mode! I treat your project as importantly as everyone else's and when Im really into working on your gown or costume, Im going to be focusing intently on finishing it up for you also. That may mean not being able to drop what Im doing just when I want to!

That being said, I always have to be revolving projects. So email me!! Call me!! Keep bugging me!!

April is promising to be busy. My shop at Tews Treasures is looking cuter every day. As soon as the rains stop, I'll be building a cute display wall so that I bring more fun things in - AND we have lots of events lined up! Ive got one more Bridal Show to attend this Spring!
Stay Tuned!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture at Tews Treasures

KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouturte has opened up a little space in the vendor section at
Tews Treasures in Napa, California! Here is where I will fill a rack with vintage, samples, and fun garments at a reasonable price. I'll also have a few collectables and a piece or two ( or whatever I can cram in there ) of refurbished furniture! Im having a lot of fun with this!

My space is right next to Old Moon Vintage, who specializes in 70's and 80's clothing, and some fun things from the 90's, so we have a great little space carved out for ourselves among a bevy of artisans, collectors, pickers, and craftspeople. And we're cute and friendly! We love you!

The Tews family specialized in Consignment as well as offering a wonderful vendor collective. They are truly a treasure-trove. The merchandise appears and disappears at an astounding rate! I was working there yesterday and things were literally appearing and disapearing every time I walked in and out of the room - crazy fun! Lucky you if you actually live around there and lucky you if you are up there for fun! They also sell chalk paint in wonderful colors and have workshops on how to use it!
Lots of amazing events are planned for 2017, so keep checking in!

This week I sold a great little black and white polka dot raincoat, a full skirt I made from 50's fabric, and a dress or two from vintage materials. I'll be bringing new things up to keep my racks and shelves full every week! Keep checking in!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Black Lotus Clothing and Kathleen Crowley Costume Couture have teamed up to offer an alternative to off-the-rack wedding gowns!

Two small collections were designed by Christina Molcillo and carried into fruition by myself.  We've got 1920's and Boho for you!

Initially, Christina will sit down with you first and discuss what you are looking for in a gown. Then you will come to me and we will make it work. I'll discuss your design and take your measurements. A mockup of the gown will tell us if we need to change something in the design to work best with your figure type. It also gets any corrections in the pattern taken care of before I cut into fabric. While I am working on your mockup, Christina is sourcing materials. Then what we actually do is hand the gowns back and forth until we get them perfect. I'll tweak the gown, she'll tweak the gown. She'll do the hand embellishing, but I might jump in or finish it. She might not like the bodice or I might think something has to be done differently to get the desired effect. Its a true collaborative effort. We do fittings.........we do it all. All 100% custom made from start to finish! Its magic!

Christina designed the set here in the pics,  styled the shoots, and I helped out where I could. Im afraid that my expertise has to stay within the field of textiles these days........but we have taken this set and models and gown to three or four bridal events these last few months, and Im not beyond setting up and striking the set when needed.

Here are samples that Christina designed and two gowns that we worked on for private clients. These photos are just delicious. Im very proud of us!

For Information on how to go about commissioning us to create a stunning gown for you, please go to and check out her beautiful website! Contact her there.

I still work independently of Black Lotus Clothing, so contact me at kc.costumecouture at for your costume/alteration/bridal needs! Its great to have options!