Thursday, April 20, 2017

Venice Carnival Happened

Venice Carnival happened and I helped dress Lynn Rutter and Erling Wold again . I always jump when they need something made because they are so much fun to work with!

We spruced up the muslin over dress that I had created for her marriage to Erling several years ago. Its so pretty and I love that she got to wear it again! She wore it over a Dark Garden corset and matching skirt. I was over the moon as I didn't really get a full length photo of this creation on the big day! The Empress was a vision!

Erling needed something to go under this coat that I had made for him quite some time ago. I was pleased that with all the wear and tear that this garment has gone through, I really didnt need to repair it at all. I found some pretty claret colored fabric and dandified him up with a new waistcoat and breeches. I did a lot of hand applique on the waistcoat and he does look divine if I do say so myself. We made it so that he could also wear it with a gorgeous frock coat that he had acquired through ACT.

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