Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Fitting

 My bridal client, Autumn, had this beautiful cobalt blue Silk Dupioni sent out to be embroidered by Cloud Nine Stitchery. The embroidery turned out so gorgeous against this fabric that I just have to share. I couldn't wait to cut into it!. We're making Autumn a little late 50's/early 60's inspired wedding frock with poufy skirt. She is searching for a petticoat right now. I always love the Malco Modes brand for a serious pouf. They rock the poufy petticoat, have a wide variety of colors, and you can take out some of the pouf if its just too much. I believe that they used to cater mainly to the square dance set and while they dont sell directly to the public, any good costume shop should have a nice selection.

I dont want to show the whole dress yet because Im supertitious that way - and its not done.  But I had to share how pretty this color scheme is.

So the next step is to have her try this on, make sure everything fits the way it's supposed to, check for any needed changes to the design, check the hemline and then finish construction.