Custom Ordering Information

 Thank you for inquiring about my custom garment making services!

Ive been creating and designing custom garments and costumes professionally for over 20 years. I specialize in museum quality wedding gowns, historically correct period costuming, stage costume, dance costume, corsetry and vintage reproduction for both men and women.

As well as creating stunning, well fitting, and wearable attire, I offer impeccable alteration work and  vintage restoration.

Often clients bring me pictures of other designer's work to copy, and I cannot do this. Ethically it would be wrong for me to do this on purpose. It would be no fun for me to do this anyway, and as hard as I could try, it would still come out looking like something that I personally made. But I do encourage you to gather up images and ideas that inspire you and I will sit down with you and work out a design that flatters you, is appropriate for what you need it to be for, is unique, and suits your personality. My work always stands out in the crowd and so will you.

Every project is different and has its own story. There is a long waiting line for much of my work, and each garment/costume varies in price according to time needed to construct it and materials used.

I do not charge for fittings, but I do charge $50 for a one hour consultation. This is a flat fee. If we go under an hour, it will still be $50.

I do my best to work within a budget, but my base price for a wedding dress or reproduction costume often starts at $1200. And it goes up according to the detail and time needed to complete the project. I can give you a pretty accurate initial estimate. Some creations, of course, are not as detail oriented as others and the price will reflect this. My garments have a lot of hand finishing, I like using quality materials.  I put time and love into my work. I enjoy researching for accuracy, inspiration and technique. The goal is to make you to look and feel your best.

All custom work is based on $50 an hour. I do not take on custom work under $150.

I have a wonderful, spacious, well lit studio situated in the East Bay that can accommodate your hoops, paniers,  and flowing gowns!

Please contact me at Thank you again for taking the time to read this and to consider hiring me to create something special for you.