Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let It Go

Guess what I got to make.......... Elsa, I'm afraid!  But it was fun. My son finally decided to dress up with Ivy this year, so I, of course, was happy to throw something together for them.  It was pretty easy as the Halloween stores have everything you could possibly need for just about anything. Wigs, gloves, shoes.....why reinvent the wheel........but I had to make her a sparkly dress.  She loved her costume, and Haydn got into the spirit by playing Kristof. I'm glad he let me renew our old tradition of making him something to wear. :) He's such a good daddy. And a good sport!

And while they were out trick-or-treating, I reached into my closet, threw on a wig, and headed out to Old Town Napa to go door to door with cocktails in hand with my sister and niece, and all the other parents. We screamed and serenaded all the little Elsa's with Let It Go..... I never saw such droves of Halloween children and adults in all my born days! Such a wonderful community effort that I knew nothing about! Just like the old days............or what I imagined them to be at any rate!! Hope yours was spooky and fun too!