Monday, December 27, 2010

I Had A Barbie Christmas

First of all, I hope everyone is having  a great Christmas Season no matter what your beliefs or your circumstances! I feel a little guilty about my Christmas this year because so many have gone without this time around. No money. No presents. No good feelings. No hope. I don't usually do much during the holdays, but I spent a Barbie Christmas with my sister and my niece and nephew. There are still plenty of people with good jobs and with luck, things will turn around one of these days. It just doesn't feel like it. Chin Up!
No matter what though, we can all live vicariously through Barbie!
I have never seen anyone in possession of so many Barbies in my whole entire life! There were more - everywhere I looked, there were Barbies! I remember when I FINALLY got a Barbie and it was SUCH A BIG DEAL to get an outfit or some accessories for her! I had  the cardboard Barbie Dream House and I took that over to my friend Maggie's house all the time and we made Barbie clothes and most of the fun was just getting her dressed and setting up the house. Just like real life. (Well isn't that how it is, really??????)
 I'm not judging. Garage sales and birthdays and Christmas are for getting Barbies. I would have this many too if I'd had my druthers.  But I think these kids have more than all seven of us had all year long! And that my friends, is the main selfish reason why I hated having so many brothers and sisters. I didn't get much and there wasn't much to go around. I hated it. I hated sharing. I hated that there were only a few Barbies and that most of  Barbie clothes were hand made. I wanted this many Barbies. I craved this many Barbies. I wanted her outfits. I wanted her friends and her furniture! I wanted her life!

So I can go to Tricia's house because we live closer to each other now and we can play Barbies all we want.

Dillon got tons of Legos and a remote control jeep - but Barbie kind of took over. I think he was perfectly fine with that.
Here is Ken and the Barbies in the Barbie Glam Jet Plane - with pool and alcoholic beverages - being all natural and having fun. Yeah - Id be doing this too if I were Barbie. I'll be honest.
My sister spent most of the morning putting this jet and other toys together. It was crazy how poorly designed a lot of this stuff is. They make stickers that you have to put on everything yourself and the stickers don't match the diagram or fit on the toy correctly. It took HOURS! Fiona ended up playing with the box, but oh well. She's just too little to understand how special her Barbie lifestyle is yet.

She also got that Ken doll that you can record nasty messages to Barbie on..................that got confiscated, I believe. We must set limits.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Rattie Tattie Skirts on Etsy

Well three. I have three red and black striped skirts in a small, medium, and large up on Etsy now.

I'm all recovered from the bad day yesterday. Very intense. And I'm glad that's over. And not only did the cosmic energy change, but the weather warmed up a bit this afternoon - it was almost balmy on my trek to the post office! I was kindly reminded by my friend Chris later in the day, that it is 20 degrees in NYC right now. Oh.

(Buy Chris's book, by the way - its incredible!)

I did wake up this morning with mosquito bites on my face. I did not know that the mosquitoes were around in December. And where have they been hiding? They must have been the Christmas Mosquitoes - I mean, even mosquitoes have to have a holiday feast, right? Well, they fed well. Glad to be of service.

It feels so good to get the packages sent. Its like crossing things off a list. I have a few more things to send off domestically on Monday and then we are done for the holiday season. Except for all the orders that I have to sew up still. Better to be busy than not!!!!!!!!!!

All Tied Up In Knots

Its been one of those weeks. Mercury is retrograde. My horrorscope has very little to say in a positive way about how this month is going to treat those born on my birthday.  Business is slow and today was very intense. Just like it said it would be at I have to say, they are usually right on the nose. This solstice is having a double eclipse or something like that and I personally will be ducking and covering. I advise you all to do so as well. Don't sign any papers. Don't buy electronics. Don't get out of bed!

Fortunately this is just temporary. But of course. Thank God.

And then I found out that Captain Beefheart died today. Well that just put the nail in the coffin of a day. I remember when I was pregnant with my son and my husband would play Captain Beefheart .......Haydn would start kicking viciously. I didn't think the music agreed with him all that well - or maybe it was just getting him all excited. It was hard to tell. That's one of my fondest memories today - being pregnant and Captain Beefheart. And now I'm kinda sad.

I got a lot done today nevertheless: cut and sewed some orders, made some  skirts to put up on etsy, answered emails, and tried to stay warm. But I hit a wall around 10ish and had to stop. I guess that sounds about right.......but of course I cant sit still and watch tv like everyone else does. I opened up one of my ribbon flower books and decided to start learning how to make those things.  And I made this. It would go on a hat in the teens. Out of a different ribbon, of course, but at least I learned how to do a new thing. And this saved an otherwise unpleasant day.
Its a little crude. But I'll do it better next time. I'll decorate one of my old hats.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There Are Some Larges Left

Just a heads up for those size Larges out there:
Ive got some size Large Sampants and a few smaller sizes in my Ets shop right now! Ive got a few stretch velvet Bum Ruffles, and a bunch of other things! I also have some fingerless lacie sleevelets, Fluffie Pants and other pretty assorted items in my studio! Email me if you are interested in something and we can either make an appointment for you to come visit, or I can send you some pictures!


Have Yourself A Merry Little Disco Christmas

I have to admit, I went to discos, many guys looked like this, I didn't pass up a line, I dressed in vintage and velvet and lace, I fell off a platform shoe or two, I loved Freddy Mercury with all my heart, those were the days. No - they really were. It wont ever be like that again. But if you go to Retro Fit on Valencia, you'll find plenty to take you back to those times! At least you can pretend!

I don't have  a lot of free time for blogging right now. Orders have to go out and merchandise has to be made. Christmas is leaping at me and while Ive got my tree all up and decorated,  I'm not ready for it yet, I know I'm not alone in this...........but here's one for the road........

My body is screaming to hibernate. I'm pretty sure that because of the quiet around here, the darkness of winter, the short days, my body and mind have accessed that primal code that says huddle  around the fire and stay in the cave. I think that I'm going through the transitional phase of not being overly stimulated for a length of time - maybe  for the first time in over 20 years. Myself just doesn't know what to do with this new thing called peace and quiet. Myself just wants to go to sleep - and Me, Myself, and I are having a bit of a battle about it right now.

Well, I'm sure as I get used to my new surroundings and lifestyle, the body and mind will adjust. Its like being thrust back in time with severe jet lag. That's exactly what it feels like. (not that Ive ever been thrust back in time...but you know what Im sayin....)

And I have to admit that I have been on quite a ride for a long, long time. 

So Last weekend I went all bridge and tunnel on myself and went to my friend Matthew James' annual Christmas party. He has a new theme every season and works very hard all year to provide the environment and ambiance for his circle of friends to come hang out and be silly for a while. He makes a new tree every year, makes and glitters his ornaments, makes all the decorations. This year was Studio 54. And he did not disappoint! Maybe because of the theme and the fact that some of us were actually around to know what those times were like, it wasn't hard to throw something together and get into the swing of things. Even those who were not of that era did a good job of it. I had a really good time  and we all hearkened back to the day. Its not hard, really....the stereotypical collars and pants and wigs are all out there and clothing today is very heavily 70's themed. I saw a lot of short little jumpsuity things and drapey dresses. - very cute! Anyone remember Quiana?
Wigs transform. Can I just say that if I HAVE to come back again for another round of earth living. that I want to come back with a big blond mass of poodle hair!  Screw this pansy ass white girl thin hair shit...............some ancestry I say,  as I stomp my foot.

Steven LeMay, owner of Retrofit on Valencia St. was my date for the evening. He let me borrow his best fro wig, we donned our tossed- together -at -the -last -minute apparel, hopped into a Homobile, and headed to Matt's house. Despite my best efforts to buy or steal that wig, my efforts fell on deaf ears. There are no more to be found. And its his last one. Oh well. At least I got to borrow it.
All  had was my iphone for pics, but you get the gist. Merry Disco Christmas!
                                                                     Matt as Dig Diggler