Thursday, October 25, 2007

Set Her Free

Something about the 18th century silhouette particularly appeals to me. I like that one's body looks flat from the side and full and voluptuous from the front. (well, those of us with cleavage, that is)

Most of us prefer to dress up like we are either royalty or wenches. Most of us in real life fall somewhere between the two, or would have in days of old. A good well made corset that is custom fit to your measurements will always be far more comfortable and last longer than one off the rack. It can change how your perceive yourself. It can bring out that little baroness or pub wench locked up inside. Set her free.

Photo: Kristine Adams

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pan Arts Collaboration

Here is the jacket that goes with the dress below. Jon Weiss of Pan Arts and I collaborated on this project. What makes this project so extra special is the amazing hand painted detail that took Jon hours to apply on the hooded jacket. This outfit is priceless! (But you can always make an offer!)

Artist: Jon Weiss
Model: Samantha Hasthorpe
Photo: Kristine Adams

Sueded Rayon Romance

Blue and magenta evening dress created from sueded rayon. Im not even sure this fabric is being made anymore - I have not seen it around. Laces up the back. I adore lacings - either on the sides of a dress or down the back. Its just so sexy!

Model: Samantha Hasthorpe
Photo: Kristine Adams

Monday, October 22, 2007


Im heading overseas to perform with Rashani World Fusion, Pedralta Dance, and Phil Thornton.
This will be extra fun for me as one of my troupe-mates from Saaidi (Hadley Northrop - a fabulous artist!) will be there performing with me as well. This show will be awash with brilliant colors, vibrant costuming, amazing music and dance from along the Silk Road. The added bonus of a rare Phil Thornton apearance, plus his visuals and stunning music will make this a show not to miss! Not to mention the fact that this show will be filled with some of the best dancers in that part of the world! Im so lucky! I cant wait! So much to do from now til I jump on the plane!

Heres the scoop:

10 November at Birmingham Central Library Theatre, 8pm, £15

A sparkling, evocative melting pot of dance, music and digital media, inspired by the ancient silk and spice routes, featuring:
Rashani World Fusion
Pedralta Dance
Phil Thornton

Following their sell-out show Magic Caravan in Dublin the unique international dance collective Rashani World Fusion joins forces with Midlands-based duo Pedralta Dance and composer, musician and digital media artist Phil Thornton, for a one-night spectacular.

"Rashani really got the crowds rocking!" Irish Times
Festival of World Cultures Main Stage

"Rashani's performance kept me on the edge of my seat." Fantasia

Join the cast, at the after show party, at nearby Moroccan restaurant Zagora. (Places are limited for the meal, so book early)
Ticket Office 01543 414597
Or book online at

Sunday, October 21, 2007

San Francisco Idea House 2007

I am currently working on some soft furnishings and drapes for this new Sunset Idea House in San Francisco. The project has had a few delays as projects of this magnitude can, and I wont be there for the grand opening because I will be away in England for a couple weeks. I believe scheduled opening is now November 2nd , but call ahead to confirm that. Don't miss it - I was just inside the house the other day and got to see it nearly done. While I am an oldie-fashiondie kinda gal, I flip for good modern. And I flipped. It has so many Green features in it that I am proud to be part of this venture. So go see!

Sulamith Wolfing Was Here

Just kidding! This 18th century style corset was created from scraps of an old house coat found up in a thrift shop in Marin county. Sulamith Wolfing is one of my very favorite artists of all time and so of course, this find sent me spinning up to heaven. The fluke of this photo is the fact that the model is actually the photographer of this photo shoot and we had time for a few more shots. I had this corset in the bottom of my bag, threw it on Kristine, I took the shots and the bottom pic is one of my all time faves. Her tats, the colors and designs, the lines ........... well, just see for yourself!

Model: Kristine Adams
Photo: Kathleen Crowley

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hairdoo Voodoo

These fabric partitions by the window were created to give everyone a little privacy from the passers-by outside. Margaret Friel and Yorque are San Francisco's most amazing hair stylists IMHO
HairdooVoodoo International

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fabulous Fortuny Fantasia

I was commissioned by Lynne Rutter to make this lambriquin for her cliant. I constucted drapes and a window treatment with this gorgeous-enough-to-make-me-drool-$300-a-yard-imported-hand-stamped-in-gold paint-material. God Bless Fortuny! I cannot throw away even one mere scrap. (yes, it is a sickness, but a pleasant one - so what!) I need more projects like this. I need the gold and the glamour. I need the sheer luxury and decadence. Make me drool. I bow to the bolt!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunset Magazine Photo Shoot

I honestly do not know if this was actually published. Sunset Magazine commissioned me to do a crafts page photo shoot. I got swamped, went away on vacation, and forgot to check this summer's issue. But it would have been a great craft page. This is a very simple idea and can be modified in a million ways.

Sunset Magazine's Idea House 2006

This house was built in Sunset's parking lot, which was a lot of fun and highly unusual!

Here are a couple photos of my work. There were other examples not published, but you get the idea. Very modern, airy, and comfy!


Pastie Perfection

When Im not sewing, I like to whip up a pastie or two for fun. I take requests and Ive done many a fine bridal and bridal shower gift with these. They seem to create a bit of excitement!
photos: Kristine Adams