Friday, August 29, 2008

Rant For The Day

This week is killin me ..........I am still running to catch up from not getting my work done last week. Ive tried to get on tribe with no great success. I cant get to most of my emails. I had to worry about being called in for jury duty. I ask for your patience while I am on the last legs of my race to get this seasons' deadlines finished!

Your things are coming. Packages are slowly getting sent out. The custom costumes and garments are getting done one or two at a time. If you have not heard from me, you will! And more help in the shop is on its way! I do think that after September, I'll have a little more room to breathe and everything will flow again - but oh, not the plumbing again please!!!!!!!!

If you are a dance troupe, it would be helpful to me if one person is in charge, then you gather up all names, measurements, and funds, and put all the information in one email for me rather than a flurry of emails or more than one person communicating with me at the same email address. Keep it simple. Keep it concise. Do what I ask. Provide all the information that I request. READ all the information that I give you. Then your order will be processed much easier for all. If you dont comply, I just may not be able to process your order and we all lose out.

Back to the salt mines :) and thanks for all your patience!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I would like to see the day when frillie pantaloons become a staple item in everyones' closet. Well, maybe not for all.....but for those who care.

Why not.

Model: erling wold
Photo: kristine adams

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dapper On The Playa

Discerning Playawear for the Dapper Dandy.

I dont design for the Playa.

It was a fluke and I was held at knife point.

The Week In A Nutshell

Oh, this week has been a series of challenges. Plumbing problems and wet floors and rugs, stomach problems, nightmares, tearing my studio apart and putting it back together twice, bridal fittings, scarce fabrics - STOP SENDING IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- repetative stress injuries, worrying about orders not being able to be sent or worked on, possible jury duty.........oh the list is a long one this week. But yet, Im really not very crabby and lots of good things happened too!

I found a $50 dollar bill in my pocket, I keep getting taken out to dinner, I managed to please a couple brides this week, I managed to send out a few things, I totally cleaned up this atellier and sorted and weeded and tossed out things I'll never use. I got my vaacuum cleaner working again, I ordered tools and more fabric, for some crazy reason, the floods always happened when I and my friends/helper were here...and last but not least, some of my friends were on Project Runway and a dress I made was worn on the runway.

So I dont have to go in for jury duty tomorrow and I can get back to work and plan that week that Im trying to take off next month to sew some fun things for myself - and then get ready for Halloween. I wont be off in some exotic place this time - but everyday is halloween anyway, isnt it.

Annida Greenkards red Dress

So yes, I made the red flamenco dress for Annida Greencard and I blogged about it here somewhere, but Im too tired to find it! Chris March and Annida shopped for the fabric in NYC and sent it out to me with her measurements. The fabric is impossible to see, but it is a black velvet snakeskin pattern flocked on red. All the ruffles are bound in black binding. She sure is stunning in it it - she wears the dress, the dress does not wear her.

Thats the secret ladies and gentlemen! You wear it - it doesnt wear you! Own it - whatever you wear!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Project Runway Runway

Something I made is on this runway. And If I do say so myself, it is the best.
Aside from Chris's of course.
Oh, what am I saying...they are all wearing the best.

Lemay is owner of Retrofit on Valencia st, SF. Go check out his vintage and burning man supplies!

And some of my friends and aquanitances are also on the runway. It does a girl proud to see such splendor!

Its been hard to keep my mouth shut. But Im used to it. I know how to keep a secret. I often know where the bodies are buried!
Please feel free to contact me for costuming.
Of course...the bolder, the more dramatic, the better.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Regency and Fluffie Rufflies

It was a hot day at Tribal Fest 08 this year and so I wore my Regency underpinnings and my Fluffie Rufflies. I was more covered than many, but I think I was cooler in the long run. It is true what they say. Walking in Fluffie Rufflies is like walking on clouds.

I went as a tourista and just wandered aimlessly, feeling somewhat lost since I have never been there without dancing or vending. I cant say it was as much fun this way, but I had a good time.

Ive been obsessed lately with wanting to wear long gowns as daywear. This comes and goes and I have to be fairly practical for work, but if I could, and I didnt mind dragging my swooshing skirts through the excrement and regurgitation of the modern city street, or had a washer woman to keep my garments clean, I would indulge myself more of this fantasy. Fashion be damned. My way is more fun.

Queens and Fairies and Fops....Oh My

I doubt it is any secret that I befriend the flamboyant.
Or is it the other way around.....
Well we all seem to like each other
So why dissect a good thing!

This week on Project Runway, I have been told that one of my creations will be worn and seen. Im not saying anything else, other than I know what it is, and I know who is wearing it and that this is going to be a very fun episode. I have no idea how long anyone will be able to gaze upon it - it could be just a blip - but a what a cool thing is that, anyway! I can talk about it all later. my way, Ive sort of made it onto Project Runway and I have escaped the chaos and stress and lack of sleep that goes into being on the show.

Luck of the Irish, I guess!

Erling Wold is playing Fallen Angel.
You just cannot take him anywhere.

Photo: Kristine Adams

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ordering Info and Disclaimers

Here is some ordering info!!!!

A form fitting capri with bias ruffles below the knee that curl up the side of the leg a bit for that piratie flair!
These are made of 4 way stretch velvet for a buttery soft feel!
These are great for yoga, excercise, dance practice and for streetwear!

XS hip 31-35”
S hip 33 - 37”
M hip 35 - 39”
L hip 37 - 42”
XL hip 40 - 45”

Black, purple, olivie green , brown, silver grey are the colors most available at the moment.
Please contact me about availability before ordering! These may not be in stock at all times!
Bum Ruffle

A hip wrap with bias cut ruffles that go with your Sampants or Fluffie Rufflies OR dance and practice skirts!
One size fits all
4 way stretch velvet
Garter Shorts

XS hip 31-35”
S hip 33 - 37”
M hip 35 - 39”
L hip 37 - 42”
XL hip 40 - 45”

Black, Ivory, White only

A wonderful short with heavy duty vintage-style garters attached
Inseam aprox. 4”
I can make them up to 2” shorter upon request

Leg Rufflies

The Ruffles without the upper pant!
A two” band at the top of the ruffle lets you attach these to your garters!
Aprox. 26” in total length
Please inquire about making them shorter or longer!
thigh measurement about 18.5”
Prices may vary depending on fabric

Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pants : a form fitting
yoga-style, low-rise stretch knit pant with 5 layers
of cascading ruffles that start above the knee and
fluff down to the floor.
Prices may vary depending on fabric

XS hip 31-35”
S hip 33-37”
M hip 35-39”
L hip 37-42 “
XL hip 39-44 “

Inseam Sizes:
Wee 28-29”
Middie 30-31 “
Regular 32-33 “
Tall 34-35 “

I know this isnt going to cut it for everyone in the inseam department, so just let me know if you need another inseam size and I’ll work it out for you. These are the most asked for sizes at this point in time. I’ll still do custom orders - inquire about pricing or larger sizes.

Fluffie Rufflie™ Pantaloons

Fluffie Rufflie Pantaloons : a loose, comfortable
cotton/ woven pantaloon style with 5 layers of ruffles
that start above the knee and cascade to the floor.
Prices may vary depending on fabric

S hip 31-36:
M hip 35-39”
L hip 37-44 “

Hip to Hem:
Ittie 33-34 “
Bittie 35-36 “
Average 37-38 “
Amazon 39-40 “
Glamazon 41-42”

Im still doing custom orders. Inquire about pricing.

How to get the ball rolling........
Give me your zip code and and any colors or extra details you would like to have on your pants. I will let you know if a particular color is unavailable.Black, white, ivory are the most available colors at the moment. I will figure out the whole amount for you and send you an invoice through paypal.I happily will mail to Europe via USPS Global Express or Priority Mail.

You can also send paypal payments of half down to get started through my e-mail address : . I will then invoice you for the rest of the amount due once I have received all your vital information.

I do not take credit cards except through paypal.
I will take checks and money orders. Make sure all info is correct please!
I prefer using these email addresses: or for correspondence as well. Otherwise I cannot be responsible for any mixups should Tribe or Myspace go down. Please make sure that I have your phone number just in case!

As soon as your order comes up in line, I make your
garment ( unless we have discussed another arrangement).I send you your new Rufflies and
you jump up and down for joy!

I often get requests for contrasting colored ruffles
and if the fabric is readily available, I will gladly
do this for $25.00 extra.

Feel free to ask questions and inquire about any
other costuming needs you may have need of!

Please have someone take your measurements for you if can. If you bend over at all while taking them, YOUR PANTS WILL BE TOO SHORT!!!!!!!! I cannot be responsible for this.

Custom garment orders are non returnable and non refundable. If you make a color request, consider that a custom garment. I reserve the right to put ruffle colors and textures together according to how I see fit unless we discuss otherwise.

That said, I want you to be happy and I will do the very best I can to make you a garment that you love. Clothing transforms. I want this for you. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Versatility for Fall

Lots of new things are going up on etsy.
As fall aproaches and the geese fly south for the winter
My thoughts go to keeping warm soon and the versatility
Of wearing the same things in several ways.
My Rattie Tattie Dance skirts are not just for dancing
But to be layered over skirts
Or Jeans
Lace and sequins
Or lace on lace
Perhaps a recycled microfiber with
Sparklie bits
Scrunched up
Tied up on the side
Or let down for a longer look.......

Try some arm warmers
And Sampants

Step out of the Box

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fabulous least in London

Im taking a break from my usual 13-16 hour day today.
I started by having a croissant at Thinkers Cafe down the street and gulping down a large steaming hot coffee. I happened to pick up the paper lying on the table next to me and started reading about how there will be no Fashion Week here in town any longer due to high costs to operate and lack of interest. Surprise, surprise. San Francisco has not been a fashion town for yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrsssss despite its thinking it wants to be one. As my friend Lynne said: if you want your town to be a fashion town, then you have to stop driving the talent out. You have to keep the warehouses and places for them to work. You have to make it so that they can survive while designing. Say.....there's a thought! The Mayor cant even be bothered to stay at these fashion events. The invited debutantes and "fashionable ladies" cant even be bothered to show up.

This is a white bread corporate town with still a little flavor. But trust me. The flavor is getting pretty stale. If it were not for the belly dance community and other artists in residence that I can relate to, I would shoot myself. Since Ive already done that in the foot several times, Id have to aim a little higher.

Then the article next to it was talking about how black people are leaving San Francisco in droves. Well surprise, surprise again! Its all about gentrification, sterilization, greed and corruption. Us po folk be havin a hard time all the way around.

Yet, I still stand my ground. I want to stay here. I have lived here for over 20 years. I grew up next door. This town needs me and those like me.

On the UPswing............Look at the new fall ELLE! LACE and LACE and LACE! I knew I was on to something. It never fails. Ever. Ruffles and Lace. Spot on! And of course, all that lace overstock has to go somewhere...hopefully on to more costumes for you!

AND gorgeous ethnic bohemian chic!

Maybe this horrible 80's audacity (at least some of it) will go away. Then its on to the 90's and goth again and combat boots and slip dresses. But did that really ever die? Marc Jacobs can just pull out his old patterns now that he copied from the Haight Street Betties back in the day and have at it again!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Stuff On Etsy

Im putting new things up on Etsy now!
Its slow going, but keep watching!

Bum Ruffles
Garter Shorts

And Im clearing the racks a watch for samples and lonely costumes!

Model: Kristine Adams
Photo: Kristine Adams

Lovely Dancers

Im getting so many lovely photos of dancers wearing these Fluffie Ruffles. I have to say, it is pure joy to make costumes for these ladies. And of course, they pull so many looks together from many sources - often making their own things to wear.

The creative spirit lives in many forms.

Elodie from France

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gunslinger Wold

Erling, Kristine, and I had a little photo shoot a couple weeks ago and I finally got some shots of the coat and trousers that I made for him a while back. I would like to take credit for the vest, but that was purchased in Europe. Yes, you could tell.....
However, I have made many a fine man's vest and can make you one too.

This shot reminds me a bit of the Wild, Wild Gunslinger West.

Model: Erling Wold
Photo: Kristine Adams

An Elf Girl In The Woods

Elodia is wearing her garter shorts and Leg Ruffles.
Forest Fairies and Woodland Elves wear them too.......

Friday, August 1, 2008

Love That Stretch Velvet

Ive had lots of requests for Sampants and Bum Ruffles and what Im going to do is put a little order form here that you can copy and send to me at kathleen.crowley"at" If you already put in a request or paid for your items, I have that all recorded and will be getting ahold of you soon.

When I get your order, I will figure out postage and tax if that applies and invoice you through paypal. I take checks and money orders also - let me know if you would rather pay that way.

name -
shipping address -
phone number -
email address (and paypal email address) -

For Sampants:
size -
color -

For Bum Ruffles:
color -

Colors Available for preorder:
Silvery Grey
Dark Brown
Dark Green
Dark Purple
Light Olive Green

XS hip 31- 35"
S hip 33 - 37"
M hip 35 - 39"
L hip 37" - 42"
XL hip 39 - 45"

Let me know if you need a different size!

Sampants™ $65.00
Bum Ruffles™ $40.00

Model: Kristine Adams
Photo: Kristine Adams