Friday, August 29, 2008

Rant For The Day

This week is killin me ..........I am still running to catch up from not getting my work done last week. Ive tried to get on tribe with no great success. I cant get to most of my emails. I had to worry about being called in for jury duty. I ask for your patience while I am on the last legs of my race to get this seasons' deadlines finished!

Your things are coming. Packages are slowly getting sent out. The custom costumes and garments are getting done one or two at a time. If you have not heard from me, you will! And more help in the shop is on its way! I do think that after September, I'll have a little more room to breathe and everything will flow again - but oh, not the plumbing again please!!!!!!!!

If you are a dance troupe, it would be helpful to me if one person is in charge, then you gather up all names, measurements, and funds, and put all the information in one email for me rather than a flurry of emails or more than one person communicating with me at the same email address. Keep it simple. Keep it concise. Do what I ask. Provide all the information that I request. READ all the information that I give you. Then your order will be processed much easier for all. If you dont comply, I just may not be able to process your order and we all lose out.

Back to the salt mines :) and thanks for all your patience!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I just found your blog and reading it has been a true pleasure. Not to pigeonhole your work, but it's extremely novel to see someone taking risks, doing things that would appeal to "alternative" crowds without loosing a strong sense of individuality, taste and flavor. Your use of color and creative stylelines is really a breath of fresh air. Thanks.

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Awwwww thanks!