Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Week In A Nutshell

Oh, this week has been a series of challenges. Plumbing problems and wet floors and rugs, stomach problems, nightmares, tearing my studio apart and putting it back together twice, bridal fittings, scarce fabrics - STOP SENDING IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- repetative stress injuries, worrying about orders not being able to be sent or worked on, possible jury duty.........oh the list is a long one this week. But yet, Im really not very crabby and lots of good things happened too!

I found a $50 dollar bill in my pocket, I keep getting taken out to dinner, I managed to please a couple brides this week, I managed to send out a few things, I totally cleaned up this atellier and sorted and weeded and tossed out things I'll never use. I got my vaacuum cleaner working again, I ordered tools and more fabric, for some crazy reason, the floods always happened when I and my friends/helper were here...and last but not least, some of my friends were on Project Runway and a dress I made was worn on the runway.

So I dont have to go in for jury duty tomorrow and I can get back to work and plan that week that Im trying to take off next month to sew some fun things for myself - and then get ready for Halloween. I wont be off in some exotic place this time - but everyday is halloween anyway, isnt it.

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