Friday, August 1, 2008

Love That Stretch Velvet

Ive had lots of requests for Sampants and Bum Ruffles and what Im going to do is put a little order form here that you can copy and send to me at kathleen.crowley"at" If you already put in a request or paid for your items, I have that all recorded and will be getting ahold of you soon.

When I get your order, I will figure out postage and tax if that applies and invoice you through paypal. I take checks and money orders also - let me know if you would rather pay that way.

name -
shipping address -
phone number -
email address (and paypal email address) -

For Sampants:
size -
color -

For Bum Ruffles:
color -

Colors Available for preorder:
Silvery Grey
Dark Brown
Dark Green
Dark Purple
Light Olive Green

XS hip 31- 35"
S hip 33 - 37"
M hip 35 - 39"
L hip 37" - 42"
XL hip 39 - 45"

Let me know if you need a different size!

Sampants™ $65.00
Bum Ruffles™ $40.00

Model: Kristine Adams
Photo: Kristine Adams

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