Sunday, August 17, 2008

Queens and Fairies and Fops....Oh My

I doubt it is any secret that I befriend the flamboyant.
Or is it the other way around.....
Well we all seem to like each other
So why dissect a good thing!

This week on Project Runway, I have been told that one of my creations will be worn and seen. Im not saying anything else, other than I know what it is, and I know who is wearing it and that this is going to be a very fun episode. I have no idea how long anyone will be able to gaze upon it - it could be just a blip - but a what a cool thing is that, anyway! I can talk about it all later. my way, Ive sort of made it onto Project Runway and I have escaped the chaos and stress and lack of sleep that goes into being on the show.

Luck of the Irish, I guess!

Erling Wold is playing Fallen Angel.
You just cannot take him anywhere.

Photo: Kristine Adams

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