Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fabulous least in London

Im taking a break from my usual 13-16 hour day today.
I started by having a croissant at Thinkers Cafe down the street and gulping down a large steaming hot coffee. I happened to pick up the paper lying on the table next to me and started reading about how there will be no Fashion Week here in town any longer due to high costs to operate and lack of interest. Surprise, surprise. San Francisco has not been a fashion town for yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrsssss despite its thinking it wants to be one. As my friend Lynne said: if you want your town to be a fashion town, then you have to stop driving the talent out. You have to keep the warehouses and places for them to work. You have to make it so that they can survive while designing. Say.....there's a thought! The Mayor cant even be bothered to stay at these fashion events. The invited debutantes and "fashionable ladies" cant even be bothered to show up.

This is a white bread corporate town with still a little flavor. But trust me. The flavor is getting pretty stale. If it were not for the belly dance community and other artists in residence that I can relate to, I would shoot myself. Since Ive already done that in the foot several times, Id have to aim a little higher.

Then the article next to it was talking about how black people are leaving San Francisco in droves. Well surprise, surprise again! Its all about gentrification, sterilization, greed and corruption. Us po folk be havin a hard time all the way around.

Yet, I still stand my ground. I want to stay here. I have lived here for over 20 years. I grew up next door. This town needs me and those like me.

On the UPswing............Look at the new fall ELLE! LACE and LACE and LACE! I knew I was on to something. It never fails. Ever. Ruffles and Lace. Spot on! And of course, all that lace overstock has to go somewhere...hopefully on to more costumes for you!

AND gorgeous ethnic bohemian chic!

Maybe this horrible 80's audacity (at least some of it) will go away. Then its on to the 90's and goth again and combat boots and slip dresses. But did that really ever die? Marc Jacobs can just pull out his old patterns now that he copied from the Haight Street Betties back in the day and have at it again!

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