Monday, December 29, 2008

One Of A Kind Coats Of The Third Degree

Coats. I love them. I love making them...... they make everyone stop and look when you walk down the street. They make everyone do a double take when you step out of your vehicle. They make everyone stop in awe and amazement when you enter a room. They top off your garment. They compliment your wardrobe. They last for years. They keep you warm.

They create drama in a wonderful way.

You can never have too many coats!

Samantha Hasthorpe wearing a fur trimmed hooded opera coat. Black rayon mix. red silk lining.
Photo by Kristine Adams

Photo altered by Kathleen Crowley who isn't photo shop savvy! Please dont yell at me, Kristine! Check out Kristine's new website! Her work is amazing!!!!!!

Here is my new cousin Brenna Crowley wearing her Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pants. We have to be cousins dont we? Because we share the same name? Are not all Crowleys related and come from County Cork?

Anyway, she is on the left and looking very glamorous in her fluffies! Thank you Brenna!

January/February is the slow time of the year for me, and I concentrate mainly on the custom things non related to belly dance usually. But dont hesitate to contact me to start planning your costuming! Better earlier than later!

My Sewing Machine Loves Me

So Im sitting at my sewing machine, ripping out ruffles on a long overdue order because at the last minute I decided that I didnt like the sequence of the flounces and wanted them to look the way I want them to in the moment. I look up at the clock and its 10pm. I had planned to go to Amnesia tonight and catch up with some friends and say hi to others. By the time I would get down there, it would be too late - for me anyway. So Im grumbling and cursing silently to myself because I always say Im going to do something and something gets in the way. Then I looked over at my sewing machine - my steady, loyal, reliable best friend Consew - and the two threads are forming a loopy heart, like I draw when Im feeling silly. I kid you not - and all I could say was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happiest Of Holidaze

I am so happy. Im happy because my Xmas orders are out. Im happy because my back orders are done and out or out on friday. Im happy because Ive resolved some issues at home. Im happy because I think next year might be scary, but it might be pretty exciting as well. If nothing else, it will be a brand new presidency. Maybe he can heal the horrible image America has in the world. Maybe he cant do one damned thing and we are going down like Rome, but at least it wont be for trying. These last eight years have just worn me out.

I wonder if I will get Christmas cards from the Obamas like I did with the Clintons! (That always cracked me up!)

Well, winter is upon us and Christmas is almost here. Im just now starting to think about presents - and people are just going to have to get Happy New Year gifts. And cards too if I get around to it. Its the thought that counts, and I think a lot about it!

Merry Christmas , Yule, or whatever you feel like celebrating. Im sleeping in and having dinner at a friends' house. Christmas is always the quietest day of the year. Even the gangs seem to lay low for the day. Its quite nice.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Rushing

The Christmas rush is almost done. And I include anything I have had on the shelf waiting to be finished for any of 100 reasons. I just cant get to all my emails right now, but Im not forgetting you! I dont have as many elves lately and I only have two hands!

I cant pull an all nighter, but I will be up quite late sewing, packing, last minute invoicing, etc. If you didnt request it by christmas, I'll be mailing it out on monday - and you might get it by Christmas anyway! (unless you are across the border)

If you cant figure out why your friend got her Rufflies and you are still waiting, it could be that I found a rip or a or a hole or a stain in your fabric during inspection that I didnt see when I was cutting, or I couldnt find the right fabrics to put it all together til recently, or your package got pushed behind something in my numerous needs to rearrange my workshop these last few months. Hopefully with fingers crossed, I'll find the perfect place to live and work soon - a place where everything is where I need it to be and stays there! It will happen - and I thank you for all your patience if you were the victim of me getting flooded out or some such thing! I was house sitting here for a while where Im working and I really did get waaaaaaaay more accomplished. Its worked best that way in the past and so it will again. So thats the plan!

Next year will bring me to start vending. Yes, Im doing it! So hopefully I will see many of you and show you more goodies up close and personal!

Im also working on getting my ordering system more efficient - and it may mean that I have to be a bit less personal at times with emails - but at least things should run more smoothly and emails will get answered somehow in a timely manner.

Its slow right now and Im taking advantage of this to start getting some product ready for when I vend. I'll post my venues as I get confirmations.

Its going to get busy again. So until then, I'll be concentrating on my custom garments and costumes.

Also just a reminder that you can custom order from me on etsy - just click on something you wish to order that says "custom" and specify what colors and size you are needing. Be sure to ask questions before you purchase! And remember that custom orders take much longer than "off the rack" (what I post on etsy) for a variety of reasons - its the nature of the beast. So let me know if you need something in a hurry as I sometimes can do a rush order!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Louie Says Relax

Another perfectly themed Christmas Fete at Matthew and Tom's house.

The arrival of the Christmas Season isnt complete without Matt and Toms' Annual Costumed Christmas Party. In fact, if I miss one of these, it just isnt Christmas.

Every year, Matt picks a theme (I think he has them lined up years in advance), designs his tree, constructs, paints, purchases and glitters ornaments and tree tops, wall hangings and decorations. Thier home becomes an environment of sheer funky, campy joy. The party is usually swingin til the dawn breaks. Not that I can party that late anymore, but Ive heard the stories!

Marie Atoinette -18th century costume requested - was this year's theme. And all the usual suspects had arrived. Some in borrowed or rented garb, some from my closet, some they make or have made themselves - almost everyone participates in some way, which is a far cry from many costumed parties that I have attended!

I had one day to make a corset, outfit, and wig, so I ended up being a long lost cousin from the colonies........that always explains it all anyway, doesnt it.......

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manly Corsets

Manly corsets.
They are not just for women
Nor have they ever been.
Men have worn corsets
Down throughout the centuries
As they are in truth as vain
as women and must
show off their manly figures
In the best light.

Erling Wold.
He is such a multi-dimensional
And shows off a corset better than most.

These are some photos of a shoot we did with Kristine Adams a few months back.
It was hard to pick which ones to show
As they were all amazing.
It must be nice to be so photogenic.
I'm not jealous or anything.

Something like this would be nice for the Edwardian Ball.
Hint, hint.............

Saturday, December 6, 2008

House Hunting Is Just Like Dating

Call me slow, but it has just occurred to me that house hunting is just like dating. You have to be really careful. Sometimes those who will have you right off the bat without taking the trouble to find out who you really are, are simply too much trouble.
I now have much more respect for someone who takes the time to check ones's credit and background. Since mine is less than stellar due to some hardships in the past, I would much rather sit down and explain with the possibility of rejection and the reality of seeing that I am a good fit, than have someone too quickly give me thier all so to speak. Ive been in these situations too often where the landlord is desperate to get their property rented and then turn into whack jobs.

Same with dating.

This old girl is growing up

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stripie Leg Ruffles - More Coming Soon

I only made two pairs of these and they sold right away! They are awfully cute, are they not?

I will be getting more grey and black striped fabric this week, so I'll make some leg ruffles up in that next time. So much to little time. I'll take pre-orders on these. email me at

I do have some adorable sampants in this stripe!
Check it out here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa Would Like This

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm Stripes!!!!!
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
(or whatever you prefer to celebrate or not!)

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