Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stripie Leg Ruffles - More Coming Soon

I only made two pairs of these and they sold right away! They are awfully cute, are they not?

I will be getting more grey and black striped fabric this week, so I'll make some leg ruffles up in that next time. So much to little time. I'll take pre-orders on these. email me at

I do have some adorable sampants in this stripe!
Check it out here!


Katrina said...

I had to post a comment on these leg ruffles! I have been coveting your leg ruffles for some time and wanting to order some. I saw this red stripped fabric when you posted about it and instantly started drooling. I envisioned a pair of leg ruffles that looked exactly like these! I mean identical! Oooohhh how I wish I was the one who had bought them. I even put them on my christmas list. *sigh* I do not know when I will be able to afford these but I want them soooo bad! LOL

Stef Scott said...

Oh my gawd yes! Those are lovely, and they look lickable like a candy cane or something.