Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Rushing

The Christmas rush is almost done. And I include anything I have had on the shelf waiting to be finished for any of 100 reasons. I just cant get to all my emails right now, but Im not forgetting you! I dont have as many elves lately and I only have two hands!

I cant pull an all nighter, but I will be up quite late sewing, packing, last minute invoicing, etc. If you didnt request it by christmas, I'll be mailing it out on monday - and you might get it by Christmas anyway! (unless you are across the border)

If you cant figure out why your friend got her Rufflies and you are still waiting, it could be that I found a rip or a or a hole or a stain in your fabric during inspection that I didnt see when I was cutting, or I couldnt find the right fabrics to put it all together til recently, or your package got pushed behind something in my numerous needs to rearrange my workshop these last few months. Hopefully with fingers crossed, I'll find the perfect place to live and work soon - a place where everything is where I need it to be and stays there! It will happen - and I thank you for all your patience if you were the victim of me getting flooded out or some such thing! I was house sitting here for a while where Im working and I really did get waaaaaaaay more accomplished. Its worked best that way in the past and so it will again. So thats the plan!

Next year will bring me to start vending. Yes, Im doing it! So hopefully I will see many of you and show you more goodies up close and personal!

Im also working on getting my ordering system more efficient - and it may mean that I have to be a bit less personal at times with emails - but at least things should run more smoothly and emails will get answered somehow in a timely manner.

Its slow right now and Im taking advantage of this to start getting some product ready for when I vend. I'll post my venues as I get confirmations.

Its going to get busy again. So until then, I'll be concentrating on my custom garments and costumes.

Also just a reminder that you can custom order from me on etsy - just click on something you wish to order that says "custom" and specify what colors and size you are needing. Be sure to ask questions before you purchase! And remember that custom orders take much longer than "off the rack" (what I post on etsy) for a variety of reasons - its the nature of the beast. So let me know if you need something in a hurry as I sometimes can do a rush order!


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