Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Louie Says Relax

Another perfectly themed Christmas Fete at Matthew and Tom's house.

The arrival of the Christmas Season isnt complete without Matt and Toms' Annual Costumed Christmas Party. In fact, if I miss one of these, it just isnt Christmas.

Every year, Matt picks a theme (I think he has them lined up years in advance), designs his tree, constructs, paints, purchases and glitters ornaments and tree tops, wall hangings and decorations. Thier home becomes an environment of sheer funky, campy joy. The party is usually swingin til the dawn breaks. Not that I can party that late anymore, but Ive heard the stories!

Marie Atoinette -18th century costume requested - was this year's theme. And all the usual suspects had arrived. Some in borrowed or rented garb, some from my closet, some they make or have made themselves - almost everyone participates in some way, which is a far cry from many costumed parties that I have attended!

I had one day to make a corset, outfit, and wig, so I ended up being a long lost cousin from the colonies........that always explains it all anyway, doesnt it.......

Happy Christmas!


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