Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happiest Of Holidaze

I am so happy. Im happy because my Xmas orders are out. Im happy because my back orders are done and out or out on friday. Im happy because Ive resolved some issues at home. Im happy because I think next year might be scary, but it might be pretty exciting as well. If nothing else, it will be a brand new presidency. Maybe he can heal the horrible image America has in the world. Maybe he cant do one damned thing and we are going down like Rome, but at least it wont be for trying. These last eight years have just worn me out.

I wonder if I will get Christmas cards from the Obamas like I did with the Clintons! (That always cracked me up!)

Well, winter is upon us and Christmas is almost here. Im just now starting to think about presents - and people are just going to have to get Happy New Year gifts. And cards too if I get around to it. Its the thought that counts, and I think a lot about it!

Merry Christmas , Yule, or whatever you feel like celebrating. Im sleeping in and having dinner at a friends' house. Christmas is always the quietest day of the year. Even the gangs seem to lay low for the day. Its quite nice.


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Mariah said...

Found you again!!!

Have a wonderful holiday