Sunday, September 7, 2008

Autumn Colors

I saw this on ebay today and I almost swooned. These old gowns are spectacular! This pagoda style sleeve and the whole silhouette has been speaking to me of late. The colors of the dress say to me that summer is just about over. I guess I may actually attend Dicken's Faire this year as I am bound and determined to finish my costume finally after all these years. I am the classic example of the term "the cobblers children have no shoes". I get busier and busier and find less and less time for myself. But this must change. If there is a Dickens Faire this year, that is! Im so out of the loop! I'll finish it and wear it regardless!

Changes are a brewing though, I can tell....fall is almost here. We have finally been having our summer, but I see the fog rolling in over the city today and I am relieved. It was too hot. If we had a chance to get used to it, I'm sure it would be great. But with temperature drops on and off, it wipes us out.

Last month was very bizarre. Water, water everywhere flooding my business and making things hard and frustrating for the homeowner. Intense stuff all about. Water symbolizes the emotions and everything seemed out of hand. That's getting fixed.

I'm still loving all the lace and frills abounding in my life. It takes the edge off the hardness of modern life. Its all symbolic to me.

So with the cooler weather approaching and the need to escape modern life, I will concentrate on finishing the ever undone Dicken's outfit. And hopefully, my little southern civil war school marm dress will materialize as well. Part of the problem has been that my corsets don't fit me any longer and I need some new ones. So that has to be done first, and fortunately, I am so in the mood for some corset building!

These sleeves are so gorgeous! The cotton netting that I never see anymore. I have not really searched for it for a while and maybe Britex has it - I would love to make so many things out of it. I think sheers will be popular soon. And that will make me happy!

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Voz de cristal said...

OMG!! I add you to my tribal blog right now!! You have stethic interests like me: vintage, sXIX an s XX, STEAMPUNK, and I love all your costumes! Not only about tribal!!