Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sam and Oscar Got Hitched

Well, Sam and Oscar got hitched this Saturday and I was so sad that I couldn't be there. But I was there in spirit. The plane fares were just too prohibitive and I had another wedding to finish and orders to get out. I heard it was quite the party, though and I know I missed a wonderful day!

I made her a steampunk themed outfit inspired by Gaultier's pirate show last season. I took her measurements while she was here in town last. Then I made a mock up of the jacket and corset top, sent it to England where she could try it on and have her mother make notes and pin where there were changes/alterations to be made. They sent it back and I relied on my judgement and the good opinions of my friends and assistants who know her to get the outfit made up for the big day.

Along with the jacket and corset blouse, I made her a striped bustlie skirt with a blue and gray tulle petticoat underneath to coordinate with her blue silk shantung jacket. The corset blouse was of a soft striped silk. The jacket was wrapped at the waist and fastened with two huge brass buckles that I had been saving for something just like this!

I know she had to have some alterations done, but I didnt think they were extensive - and to be expected with no fittings whatsoever. In fact, I tried it on my assistant Molly who was fortunately about the same size. As the photo shows, she was gorgeous and glowing and looks amazing!


She ordered her hat from Topsy Turvy Design. I ADORE her hats!!!!!!!!!!!!

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