Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Love Of My Life

No, not my ex husband who used to be the owner of this tv. But this tv. I love it. This and my son were the best things to come out of a bad union. And in February, all will be lost. My old life will die along with my 1970's portable black and white tv.

Sure, I could fork out the dough for the converter that will become just more useless trash one day and keep her going for a few more years. I might do it. But it would almost be like putting your loved one on life support when they could go at any minute anyway. Tough decision.

End of an era.
Black and white.
I don't even really like watching tv in color.
I guess I don't care about it, really.
I love all the shades of gray
I love the subtle hues
I love the shadows
I love that I can only get a few channels
I prefer M*sh in b&w.
Friends is so much more tolerable in B&W
I don't need to see the color of George Kastanza's bald head
The news is more surreal


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