Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Le Sigh

I have not had much time to watch the NYC and London Fashion Weeks this time around. My last wedding dress for the year walked out the door this week and will soon be walking down the aisle. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with all the pictures that will be floating around and get some inspiration. Here is one from Luella Barley from London Week. So far what I have seen has been still the 80's rehash, scallops, ruffles, severe sophistication, and sheer fabrics. Stella McCartney made some cute gym wear. W magazine is full of arm warmers and lacie arm wear.

Now the crunch is on to finish my other orders and get all purchases out the door by Saturday. I actually think I'll be able to accomplish this! Fingers crossed.

Everyone everywhere is screaming recession and so everyone everywhere is buying into it. What we are told is believed and so it creates reality. Everyone becomes fearful. If everyone is fearful we are easier to control. That's not rocket science. This sometimes makes me very sad of course, as I am affected. But creating will never go away and there will always be pretty things to lift our spirits. I hope I am always a part of that in some way.

I didn't wait for New Year's Day to make new resolutions this year. I just went ahead and jumped into going to the gym more now, which of course always gives me more energy and thus more ideas. My dear Friend Erling is going with me and that is keeping me motivated. I want to make some fun gym wear for myself so that I will be more inspired to go. Its all about the clothes, you know. And as I was soooooooooo disappointed by what is available in all the sports stores that I visited this summer, I want to show that you don't have to be ugly in the process. And why oh why is nothing cute to work out in made in larger sizes? I'm not huge, yet nothing looked good. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Did I say Nothing?

A crippled little Mexican man came up to me the other day and asked me if I was German. Against my better judgement, I said "no". He asked where I'm from. I said "here". He said "you an awfully big lady!"

I wanted to kick him, but his cane was supporting his twisted frame. Obviously he wasn't brought up right and had no proper sense of boundaries, so I forgave him.

Le Sigh.

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Amber said...

You know, I've had the big lady comment too. I'm wide shouldered, broad hipped. I've got a "booty" and size 10 feet. I'm also 5 foot 7...or so, and constantly shock people with my weight to height ratio (solid, shall we say?) When one is proportionately large, people notice, and sometimes say it in the wrong're a good woman for not hitting him with his cane ;)