Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Rattie Tattie Skirts on Etsy

Well three. I have three red and black striped skirts in a small, medium, and large up on Etsy now.

I'm all recovered from the bad day yesterday. Very intense. And I'm glad that's over. And not only did the cosmic energy change, but the weather warmed up a bit this afternoon - it was almost balmy on my trek to the post office! I was kindly reminded by my friend Chris later in the day, that it is 20 degrees in NYC right now. Oh.

(Buy Chris's book, by the way - its incredible!)

I did wake up this morning with mosquito bites on my face. I did not know that the mosquitoes were around in December. And where have they been hiding? They must have been the Christmas Mosquitoes - I mean, even mosquitoes have to have a holiday feast, right? Well, they fed well. Glad to be of service.

It feels so good to get the packages sent. Its like crossing things off a list. I have a few more things to send off domestically on Monday and then we are done for the holiday season. Except for all the orders that I have to sew up still. Better to be busy than not!!!!!!!!!!

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