Saturday, December 18, 2010

All Tied Up In Knots

Its been one of those weeks. Mercury is retrograde. My horrorscope has very little to say in a positive way about how this month is going to treat those born on my birthday.  Business is slow and today was very intense. Just like it said it would be at I have to say, they are usually right on the nose. This solstice is having a double eclipse or something like that and I personally will be ducking and covering. I advise you all to do so as well. Don't sign any papers. Don't buy electronics. Don't get out of bed!

Fortunately this is just temporary. But of course. Thank God.

And then I found out that Captain Beefheart died today. Well that just put the nail in the coffin of a day. I remember when I was pregnant with my son and my husband would play Captain Beefheart .......Haydn would start kicking viciously. I didn't think the music agreed with him all that well - or maybe it was just getting him all excited. It was hard to tell. That's one of my fondest memories today - being pregnant and Captain Beefheart. And now I'm kinda sad.

I got a lot done today nevertheless: cut and sewed some orders, made some  skirts to put up on etsy, answered emails, and tried to stay warm. But I hit a wall around 10ish and had to stop. I guess that sounds about right.......but of course I cant sit still and watch tv like everyone else does. I opened up one of my ribbon flower books and decided to start learning how to make those things.  And I made this. It would go on a hat in the teens. Out of a different ribbon, of course, but at least I learned how to do a new thing. And this saved an otherwise unpleasant day.
Its a little crude. But I'll do it better next time. I'll decorate one of my old hats.

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