Friday, February 17, 2017

KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture at Tews Treasures

KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouturte has opened up a little space in the vendor section at
Tews Treasures in Napa, California! Here is where I will fill a rack with vintage, samples, and fun garments at a reasonable price. I'll also have a few collectables and a piece or two ( or whatever I can cram in there ) of refurbished furniture! Im having a lot of fun with this!

My space is right next to Old Moon Vintage, who specializes in 70's and 80's clothing, and some fun things from the 90's, so we have a great little space carved out for ourselves among a bevy of artisans, collectors, pickers, and craftspeople. And we're cute and friendly! We love you!

The Tews family specialized in Consignment as well as offering a wonderful vendor collective. They are truly a treasure-trove. The merchandise appears and disappears at an astounding rate! I was working there yesterday and things were literally appearing and disapearing every time I walked in and out of the room - crazy fun! Lucky you if you actually live around there and lucky you if you are up there for fun! They also sell chalk paint in wonderful colors and have workshops on how to use it!
Lots of amazing events are planned for 2017, so keep checking in!

This week I sold a great little black and white polka dot raincoat, a full skirt I made from 50's fabric, and a dress or two from vintage materials. I'll be bringing new things up to keep my racks and shelves full every week! Keep checking in!

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