Saturday, January 17, 2009


I should be working because I am overwhelmed with so much to do right now, but I just cant help myself - I found a home! I can rest. I can nest. I can work when I need to and the commute will be very, very short. The neighborhood is great. The bus stops a stones throw away. Im surrounded by cheap eats, good produce, and the hippest shops. Im sure that I'll be in heaven once Im all moved in. And ........tada! Im a short walk to a good fabric store! And best of all, hell aint freezin over yet - so thats a good sign, right? (unless you are over on the other side of the country)

Ive been needing to nest for a long, long time now, and every time I try, Im just up against a wall, so now I can. Its been a long adventure - and lets just leave it at that. Not only will I be happier, but a happy Kathleen gets her work done quicker and can actually go have fun now and then!

I found this photo of a nest. And it led me here - a great green reuse crafty blog! So read it because its full of fun little crafty ideas! And you can learn to make this nest! Every home needs one. And a house isnt a home unless you can nest.

Here is one of my new room mates!
Isn't he just adorable?

So I probably wont be working for the first week of February and although Im overwhelmed with the amount that I have to do before then, hey, I am never bored.

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