Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast Blogging

I need never worry about being bored or lonely here in Crockett. In fact, I have more company and things to do to keep me entertained than I did in the city. Granted, I felt I had just plain done it all in the city and was ready to move on, but I have a full plate every single day. I am constantly amazed and inspired by all that goes on around me in this small town.

Never a dull moment.

Our last Stitch N Bitch  started at my house. Sandi, Lee, and Katherine Summer each brought their current project over and I worked on a quilt that Ive never been able to finish. But then the subject of photo shoots came up and we headed over to the Port Costa Warehouse for Bloody Marys, Manhattans, and the keys to the Burlington Hotel.

Ive blogged about this town before, I was yearning to live here once. And while I looked at several places for rent, the timing was never quite right and it felt just a little too isolated - which gives it that charm - but maybe not so great for the likes o me without a car. However, now it is  just a stones' throw away and so handy for a sometimes much needed break! Port Costa was a booming little town in its day and now it is the place to head to for charm, great drinks (Bloody Mary heaven ), outlaws and colorful characters. I'm a total tourist right now. But hopefully I can integrate into the culture of this area  somewhat............

Katherine Summer got the keys and we went into the hotel for a look see. Supposedly an old brothel and haunted, it is  available for rental and we got super inspired. It even has the names of the girls on the doors.Whether this has just been fabricated for amusement, I don't know - I don't think anyone really does anymore -  but it sure is a fun bit of local lore. I got lots of new ideas from wandering those halls! You can see more about our adventure here at the Salome's Suitcase blog.
Check out the wallpaper.

Theater Of Dreams is across the street. I'm a big fan. I believe Wendy Addison spends her time between her home here and her friends and business connections on the east coast. Her studio is usually open twice a year, but if she is around and you are around, she might let you in, Ive been lucky enough to catch her and check out her fabulous storefront. Can you say Vintage German Glass Glitter?
In order to start connecting with the community, several of us in Salome's Suitcase will have a booth at the Port Costa Arts and Crafts show this Sunday the 19th of September. We are not going to be representing Salomes' Suitcase - but will be hanging out, enjoying the day, and bringing some of our personal and  unique artsy crafty pieces that will be sure to be a hit. It will be at the old Port Costa School. Follow the winding road. You cant miss it!

So now I'm off to finish wrapping up some Etsy merchandise and making a trip to ye old post office!
See you Sunday!

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