Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Need A Logo

I know. It just isn't right that I don't have one. That will have to change soon.
Today was just lovely. I swept more leaves into a new pile that I'll put in a compost bin someday soon........Ive been in a very Halloweenish mood these days. They say there are no seasons in California, but if you are aware, it is obvious. Just maybe not as extreme as elsewhere.

Right now, I'm getting some scarves and gloves up in the Etsy shop. And maybe I should put those Halloween pasties up that have been needing homes forever. I just found them packed away in a suitcase that has never been opened since.......I don't know when.  It really is incredible what I find in corners and bins all tucked away.

And Ive got more Sampants and Ivypants on their way. Just have to get caught up with a few more orders and then I can start cutting and sewing these up.

So much to do!

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Jamie said...

Hi Kathleen.

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