Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rashani World Fusion Every Third Friday In San Francisco!

 Our L's Cafe gig is getting more and more popular! Its really a nice way to start off your weekend! The cafe is easy to get to, nice to hang out in, and not one of those super trendy pretentious places where attitude is key. Don't get me wrong, I like those places too .....but I'm  saying this as a compliment to little neighborhood establishments! You can bring your mom - or grandma - or your kids - or the in laws - or a first date  for a little happy taste of San Francisco in the Mission District!

Happy Hour rocks!

Rashani world fusion performs two sets every third Friday of the month! 7 pm and 8pm.

I was in moving hell for a while and couldn't participate, but I'm back! This Friday I will be dancing with Wendy Marlatt and Jessie Gauld!!!! Jessie was a member of FatChanceBellyDance once upon a time and now subs for Jill Parker when Jill is out of town. Jessie and Wendy are both amazing dancers and a treat to watch - and well, I just have a blast, so you will have to judge for yourself when you come on down!!!!!

L's Cafe
September 17th
7-9 pm
24th street and Bryant

"Rashani World Fusion is a place where ancient tradition meets contemporary California innovation. A blend of Tribal, Tribal Fusion and Tribaret with a sprinkling of Flamenco, Romany and Indian styling.
I invite collaborations from friends and fellow dancers to provide a unique monthly line up every third Friday at L's Cafe. Always fresh........always improvised!"
Wendy Marlatt

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