Monday, September 20, 2010

Port Costa Art Show

 Yesterday was a vending day for me at the Port Costa Art Show. It wasn't technically a Salome's Suitcase gig, but those of us living nearby set up a booth there. It was such a great day! We hung out and schmoozed with the neighbors. I met a bunch of new people and made new friends, I sold some of the new scarves that I made last week, and my sister brought my niece and nephew - so the afternoon in Port Costa flew by. I had no expectations for the day other than to participate in a fun cause, hang with friends, and meet new ones.. I was kind of blown away by the high caliber of creativity in this area. Its not your typical arts and crafts event. We've got some fairly famous people in their particular chosen craft living here in this remote oasis.

I participated in an art show several years ago here at the school and they have done a lot since then to fix her up and keep her going. The school was built in 1911 and the community is working hard on preserving this landmark that I have grown very fond of.
 And then, after the day, after the four of us helped each other unload, we all headed over to Toots Tavern to unwind - also conveniently located. I proclaim the day a success.

Now to clean up the clutter that a vending excursions creates, and on to finishing up some projects. This will keep me out of trouble for the day!

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Susan Krzywicki said...

I just found your site- how lovely. I wish you the best of success in all your endeavors.