Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Great Collaboration

A while back I made these harem pants for Elizabeth Strong. They turned out awfully cute and I wasnt sure about them until they were finished and she tried them on. Simply because Im not a fan of that dropped crotch look, ( I saw the damage done back in the 80,s).........but this seemed a bit different - and it was...........the "cutout" parts in the front have a cowled, drapey effect, and it really works with the rest of the outfit, although its hard to see whats going on in the photo. Lesson: you have to look at the bigger picture. Espeacilly when making components!
Liz brought me some burn out velvet to work with and I already had the rayon striped fabric that I had purchased earlier as curtains at Anna's Linnens on Mission Street in San Francisco. It had that bronzie vintage feel about it, I was saving for some future project,  and I was happy to use it in this costume. Liz had a strong idea about what she wanted and I was able to play out that idea with a mockup and a couple of fittings.
Rose Harden embellished the pants later on and I believe that she and Medina Maitreya made the bra. FoolProof Studio completed the ensemble with headdress and ankle jewelry.

Another successful collaboration between members of Salome's Suitcase - what can I say. We all rock. And I do have to say that while we are all capable of making striking one of a kind outfits each on our own, it can be faster to have us all be making bits and parts here and there to pull together into one lush look. And lush describes what we do to a T.

These days,  Ive been wanting  to sit down again and make a whole outfit for myself or for someone else. The economic downslide has hit me hard here. I would love it if someone with great taste would just buy the lushes trims and fabrics and say, here, I'll pay all your expenses for a month if you would just concentrate on me and make me the coolest outfit that anyone has ever seen.........that's how I would like this all to work again.......It could be bridal or a great outfit or costume..........but  until people are ready to spend again, it is a nice feeling to still be making striking garments - components to your wardrobe - and  to help people shine in their spotlight! 


The French Maid said...

Oh my gosh! I just found you via The Paris Apartment! Your work is AMAZING!
I know exactly how you feel about this whole "slow-economy" thing. We sell vintage and antiques at shows in the Southeast, and things have been slow here, too, so we have the whole thing on hold for awhile to regroup! So hang in there...I just know a big job is coming to you soon!
--Lee Ann
PS-Am now following! So glad to have found you!

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Thanks! Im so glad you found me! Im going to have to follow you too! I love your blog!