Monday, April 19, 2010

Hair - Down To There

I could be wrong, but I THINK Im over with the hair extention/long dreaded phaze of my life. Its been a good 20 year run on and off, but I simply cant stand that stuff hanging off my head any longer. There has been nothing new with this craze and Ive always loved it since I was a kid running around the yard with strips of sheets tied into my hair so that I could look like that damsel in the fairy tales! Ladies have been adding to what the gods gave them for centuries. This woman could be wearing false hair as it was the fashion to do so.  But Im going in tomorrow to have Wendy Allen chop it off again for me. I cut it, I add more. I cut it again, I add more. But its time to just let the hair do its wispy fine white girl thing for a while and admit that the length doesnt suit me any longer and maybe its just time to be whatever the hell I really look like. Ive tried many times to just let it be and I get an itch and have to add more. Old habits do not die easily. I think long hair is fun. You can do so many things with it - but Im so busy most of the time that I just put it up in a bun anyway. How creative is that?

Ive also been seriously watching my diet and have dropped a dress size or two and that old 20's look is appealing to me more and more. So Im heading down another road. I cant be fair maiden any longer. (well, thats been the case for QUITE some time - LOL) So Im moving on. Its in the stars. We've all had to go on some sort of diet, wether its been with food, or relationships, or finances..........doesnt matter. Its been a good thing. Eat quality and you will eat less. Marry quality and you will have fewer headaches (thats how its supposed to be, right???????) Buy quality and it lasts longer and you wont be filling up the landfills as much with useless broken items. Be quality and be useful. Just be?

All that from just chopping off my hair. We'll see how long this phaze lasts! But a little change is a good thing.

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Shelby said...

Hey Ms. Kathleen!
I really love your new haircut. Said in the best way possible, it makes you look years younger! Aside from that it's a really cute shape - your hairdresser did a very nice job.
I'm currently waiting to get the go ahead to start packing my stuff up - we may be moving to accept a position as apartment managers... aka... free rent. I'll keep you updated as to how that goes, and I would love to come over and sew if you would like.