Monday, April 12, 2010

Its Time

Today was my day to see the tax guy downtown.  I was only happy to see the marble walls and floors.

Ordinarily I love going downtown when I can, but understandably, I wasnt too excited. I had time to kill before my appointment, so I decided to do some much needed window shopping. In fact, a friend of mine has instructed me to take a day once a week and go see whats going on in the world of fashion. She thought I might get some ideas and inspiration. And I thought she might be right. So I meandered about for a while.

So silly me, I visited H&M, Forever 21, The Gap, Old Navy, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, and DSW - thinking I might find something better than the last time I went into those establishments.

Ok. Urban Outfitters layout was bare. Where was the merchandise, I asked?  I got a lame excuse - but we know its because everyone is afraid to buy - so they in turn cant buy. Anthropology still had cute plates and saucers, cups and dresser pulls, but the cupboards were bare. The clothing ugly. If these companies are sending their "designers" out into the world to knock off and steal others ideas for profit, we are in a sad, sad state of affairs here. Because there was nothing Designerie going on that I could see. Except for a cute pink prom dress in Forever 21. And I already have the pattern. If horizontal stripes and oversized shirts and the ever present ruffle on anything that will support one is all there is - not to mention the color blocking, neon colors, gladiator sandals, and ugly 80's rehash - then we may as well just kill ourselves. Its all over folks.

 I will say this.....the right person could rock those shoes......but I dont think I want to know her.

But this is why I sew. And this is why I love thrift stores and fabric stores. This is what Ive been stock piling all those bazillions of vintage patterns for - for a time like this when fashion is dead and we are being fed diarrhea and the maggots off of the carrion of fashion. And those Marc Jacob heels there in the back ground..... I'm so sorry. Maybe it would be different if I could turn back the clock and wear them - did I wear them in the 80's? No. I wore vintage and a Fluevog when I could get a pair. Maybe Im just bitter. Although I will say that I kept a pair of gladiator sandals from back then, but I just don't wear them out in public.

Hopefully a time will come again soon when I can walk into a store and be so bummed out that I cant afford anything in it. There were some cute espadrilles. Some really cute gingham skirts and blouses (boy - I called THAT one!) and I do like the long dresses - but you really have to cut them to allow a stride. Please remember that,"designers"! Do you know the term? You actually have to cut enough fabric to allow one to walk down the street in it! The Gap was more basic than I can remember. But basics are good to build on, lets not forget that. Lots of white and black - thankfully to counterbalance the shock of neon next door.  Dont even go to Old Navy. Dont even go. Right now, I can honestly say that its a good time to be poor. Cuz there is nothing to buy anyway.

Hey - My tax guy saved me tons of money - and I was not inspired to drop a dime.

Im heading out to the Haight next and report on that scene. Hopefully I'll see something cute.

Rev up your sewing machines, people! Its time!


Flissy said...

Those gladiator sandals. Wow.

It's so depressing. You're totally right about everything being robbed of creativity and style. Then when it comes to basics, the mass produced items are overpriced, only to fall apart after wearing several times. I'm not even much of a seamstress and I am resorting to make my own skirts and dresses because I am so frustrated by the choices that are available. I'm hoping that the sad state of the fashion industry at least makes room for independent designers to get out there more!

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Im sure whatever you make is much more flattering than what I witnessed yesterday!!!!!!!!!