Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rachel Brice

About three years ago or so, (was it really that long ago?) I made this Tango dress for Rachel Brice.
I do that a lot. I make something and then forget all about it until something or someone reminds me. I don't even remember what fabric we made this out of.  But I love the halter and the way the dress was cut in a flamenco way for drama. Its hard to see in this photo, but there are lots of ruffles.

People often ask me if I get sad when something Ive made walks out the door, but even though there is always a part of me in everything I make, I am continually on to the next project and just relieved that my client likes what Ive made.

And then when a photo like this pops up out of seemingly nowhere, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and just want to jump up and down clapping my hands in glee! Pretty! Pretty! Lots of happy faces!

Rachel moved up to or around Portland, Oregon last year. And even though I didnt get to see her often, I was still sad to see her go. So its nice to have this photo. There is just something about this woman that makes you want to love her. But for those of you in the belly dance world, you probably already know that!

This photo was taken by Kristine Adams who is amazingly talented! Hire her!!!!!!!!!
Location: Amnesia, SF