Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nothing In Particular

I borrowed my roommate Kristine's little camera and spent the morning taking photos of things I need to post up on Etsy. I have learned that iced velvet soaks up all light and despite my best efforts, I could take very few decent photos. But I did my best.  I'll spend part of tomorrow putting new things into the store.
And I'll attempt to make some decent photos of more things.

I have to get myself another little camera because my last one flew out of my hand and fell with a sickening crash to the floor. I have no idea how to shop for cameras. I lucked out with that one. But that and somehow financing a computer and dental work are all on my to do next list. The fun never ends......

Kristine makes really great little art pieces and this is what you see behind my dress form. The walls are covered with her art and I love walking through our hallway because of it!

And I still love my hair!

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