Friday, April 23, 2010

RIP Malcom

You pissed a lot of people off with your ambitious reach, , but you really knocked the world on its ear. You were always a character to me and you gave me much to jump around and dance to! It is befitting that you would have a party for a funeral. I'm not so sad about this death, because he had a fairly longish life and did a lot of things. And its quite probable that I'm just getting to that age now where I'm growing numb and my age group will start seriously dying off now. Punks' been dead for a long time because we are all so coddled with our toys, gadgets, and readily available distractions. But maybe when the lights go out, we'll get another non electric version of it. Ya gotta be really angry for punk to be effective, and most of us have had it just too damned easy.  I have not seen the anger yet. Despite everything thats going on.

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Medina Maitreya Designs said...

and did you notice how gorgeous Adam Ant STILL is?