Friday, April 16, 2010

How To Wear A Bustle

Samantha Emanuel just sent me this photo. I dont know who the photographer is, but I'll ask.
I think Ive posted a photo of her wearing some of these things before, but I dont think I got a good one of the bustle/train until now.

She can actually dance in this. And that takes a lot of talent and guts! But as the flamenco dancers do, you sweep the train away with your foot and let velocity and gravity take it where it needs to go. Im always so inspired when I see good photos of my things being worn. I feel somehow that something got channeled through these garments to enable the wearer a a means to express him/herself. But lets face it, a huge part is the wearer themselves using the garment to transform. If even for a few moments. They know what looks good on them. They study their physique. They know how to move in fabric.  Someone with enough talent can wear a plain old coffee sack onstage and wow the audience. That would be Sam for you, but she does wear pretty things well! The clothes dont wear her, she wears the clothes.

How to wear a bustle: Don't wear one that your body cannot handle. If you are not accustomed to wearing a bustle or train, practice, practice, practice before you go out in it. Your whole alignment feels different.  If you cannot wear it gracefully, then don't wear it all. I see so many dancers running out on stage with a bunch of fluff on their asses, thinking this is cute. ( And sometimes it is!) Its the whole Steampunk craze going on - but what is your message? Can you make this look graceful and elegant - can you make it a look that creates an interesting silhouete, or are you just plopping a bundle of ruffles on your butt with a tiny hat and not thinking about proportion? What is your story?  Well.......I just thought I would put it out there because as with everything in life, some can pull it off and some cannot. Usually its simply a matter of not knowing your proportions and what looks best.  And don't get me wrong - have fun and experiment - just look in the mirror at your back side and your side view before heading out the door!

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