Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Princess Ivy

Little Ivy is lounging like a princess in the  silk and lace gown that I made for her. Refined and Regal as a princess of my lineage should be!

Ok - there WAS a castle in Belgium somewhere down the line according to some in my family...........but there were also a lot of peasants on dirt floors. We'll just pretend, shall we, that Ivy is a throwback to royalty for now. She COULD be!

I sewed the seams of some of this outfit by machine, but the rest was all hand stitched. I had a lot of silk scraps from various wedding gowns over the years and a bit of lacie loveliness that I couldn't throw away. So for those inclined to making baby clothes, you can do wonders with a lot of time and a few materials. This is not my calling, but I'm glad I did it. Hand sewing can be very relaxing and I enjoy it immensely, but baby clothes are a whole different world!  For those who notice these things, I would do the neckline differently next time. A simple little facing would have made more sense. I was using two vintage christening gown patterns with missing pieces. The directions were confusing and I just winged it. It was very intuitive and felt much like sewing with The Force guiding me! I sewed on pearls and buttons for embellishment. It turned out pretty cute - and Ivy is an awfully pretty baby regardless! But of course, Im biased.

Thank you Sarah and Haydn, for posting Easter photos!!!!!

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Psychedelicsister said...

This is beyond adorable.
You are so talented!