Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fluffy Not Stuffy

Ive cut it short plenty of times. But Ive always left little dreads in - because you know- I'll just put more right in again!

But last night Kristine and I picked out a mess of them, my neighbor Jessie helped me with the process  first til she stabbed herself with the seam ripper (yeah we used whatever - I used an awl and a comb), and I picked out the remainer of them deep into the night, leaving only a few for Wendy. She was going to cut them out anyway.

My scalp is tingling from all the pulling and prodding and combing and tugging! But I have not been able to run a comb through that mess for 20 years! As it stands, my scalp has probably never fully been able to breath in all that time - and I can literally feel the skin on my head sighing in relief. Oh, the things we do to ourselves!

I love it and I feel like I have left 5 years or more of dead weight and bad joo joo back in Remedy's garbage bin. My head feels light and fluffy - in a very good way! I think I'll cut it even shorter next time!!!! I love it! Thank you. Wendy!!!!

Wendy Allen
Remedy Salon

And they always have great art on the walls..........

And OMG - Look at Ivy's forehead. We have wrinkle lines in the same place. Wow - the nut falls not far from the tree.

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Pica Maloria said...

Adorable (baby and hair :) )