Sunday, May 2, 2010

F*#K You Mercury!

I went to bed last night wondering how Im going to accomplish everything I set out to do this month. Projects are getting log jammed despite my best efforts. Despite having started them at a good clip a while ago. I'm going to blame it on Mercury having gone retrograde. Damn you, Mercury! You are supposed to be my friend!! I guess you have to have the bad to balance out the good. Right?

Well, May is packed with goodness and fun for me - Im not going to let the planets ruin everything! By sheer will, I will carry on and get things accomplished! Even my worst attempts at making something quickly are better than some!!!!!!!!

I have wedding attire to finish, weddings to go to, gigs to perform at, A fashion show to make stuff for, the Tribal Fest Afterparty, the Beats Antique show to vend at - and if I dont have much to sell, I can say hi and take your orders..............because the load will lighten up after this month and its business as usual!

Ive decided to not vend very often after this month. I'm not going to say "never", but in case you are not aware, vending is quite an expensive project and very time consuming. The last few venues that I traveled to and sold at were either not well attended, or the market was just inundated with ruffles - and stuff "inspired" by what those in the design collective (Salome's Suitcase) that I'm a part of had started ages ago. In fact - I just found the photo above of me working on the prototype for all those ruffles that are now filling the market. Flipping off the photographer. I must have seen it coming!!!!!! (I'm grateful, don't get me wrong!)

Its time for me to use my time more wisely now. I have patterns to make. New ideas to create. Orders to work on. And new roads to go down. I need to not forsake my bespoke roots. I don't want to lose everything Ive learned over the years. And I feel that Im starting to. Use it or lose it. And I need the time to keep up with marketing and emails. Ive spread myself thin - so no vending for a while!

Just to clear up some misunderstandings - I will NOT be vending at Tribal Fest!!!!
I WILL be at the Tribal Fest Afterparty!!!! It is gonna be amazing this year! And our models are off the hook drop dead Gorgeous!!!!!!

So dont spend it all at Tribal Fest, folks! Save some for us!!!!

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