Monday, May 31, 2010

Cher Chez La Femme

I found this photo of Sherri Wheatley performing at Tribal Fest 10 in her new nude colored Fluffie Leg Ruffles. She is soooooo on trend as nude is going to be the new black! This is such a great picture! Sherri is a beautiful woman - inside and out and a gorgeous, very talented dancer. I dont know who took the photo though. If you contact me, I'll credit you!! you can see how great these look in motion! They really do float around your legs!

Here is another photo of her in a pair of Leg Ruffles that I made for her a while back. I dont know who made the rest of her costume.....Medina? Im not sure. Very lovely though.
And here is Sherri modeling an off white backless halter dress of mine on stage at the Tribal Fest Afterparty last month. Sequoia Emmanuelle took some lovely photos of everyone in the worst lighting ever - this attests to her skill. Some of the photographers gave up and wouldn't even bother. Ok. that was our one SNAFU.  But we tried to get the stage lit better, we really did! Next year, we're on it!
 The hat was made for this dress by Medina Maitreya. I am so blessed to work with such talented people!
Photo of Sherri at the Afterparty: Sequoia Emmanuelle

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