Friday, November 23, 2007

Pilgrims' Progress

Every year I have this compulsion to dress up like a pilgrim and carve a turkey. I did do that very thing one year but I never did it again. Too bad. Maybe next year I will have a Dress Like your favorite Pilgrim or Exterminated Native American party. Well.........its true........they were......nice myth though!

This year I made soup and ate ice cream and stayed in bed and watched 3 movies:

Angela's Ashes : this had potential as a film, but if you were not Irish or had read the book, I think it would have left you a little confused. And while it isn't now as dismal over there as it once was, its still pretty grey in parts. And the people just as glum- yet with the best witty banter. The green is the finest green Ive ever seen. And they have good ghosts and tell great stories. This film made me grateful to live where I do and have the life I do. Well, actually, the film wasn't making me feel any of that - the recollections of the book were.

Perfume: A good concept gone dreadfully wrong. I liked the feaux orgy scene. It was cute.

The Queen: I was expecting a story of the recent Queen Elizabeth's life. It was just a lame story about how she didn't like Diana. Yawn. I like Helen Mirren though.

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