Saturday, November 17, 2007

Me, Me - Its All About Me!

Here are a few photos from the Tarab gig in Birmingham, England last week. Im just posting the ones with me in them right now because its my blog, Im vain, and I can do what I want. Everyone in Rashani World Fusion and Pedralta Dance and Saaidi were gorgeous and glorious though! It was a great show and my dear friend Phil Thornton did some amazing visuals for the background and did much of the music.

Usually we are all much more decked out with big old hip belts and tons of jewelry. But logistics forced most of us to keep it simple. Its too much to lug all that heavy costuming around the world and customs has a field day with me as it is.

England Rocked. I spent two weeks on the southern coast and was taken to bonfire nights and castles and the Long Man of Wilmington and all over the sea and countrysides. Every town is Elizabethan or older in that part of the world. Everything is OLD and I loved it so! I know they are sick of the word "quaint". But compared to our burly ways, it is Quaint to the Extreme. Most everything is Wee. And yes, the food sucks. But it would in comparison to San Francisco anyway. We are soooooooooooooo spoiled!

On my way to the airport, I was burdened with tons of luggage and going up the tube steps was horrendous. The locals helped me though, bless them! I also accidentally knocked over a kiosk in the airport (don't ask) and by the dirty looks I was getting from the airport personnel, I thought I was going to be pulled aside and given the full on inspection. But they didn't! I'm sure they assumed such a clod as I could not ever be allowed to be on a terrorist or drug smuggling team!

Then I got a migraine and threw up in Canada.

Then despite my migraine, I went and bought a big old fat burrito - just for the hell of it.
Its all about me.

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