Monday, November 19, 2007

Im Biased

Just found this photo of a black silk charmeuse slip dress that I was manufacturing about 15 years ago. They sold very well. They flew out the door like hot cakes and then my partner and I went our separate ways. Oh, wait - they were stolen. But thats another story............Perhaps I should think about bringing this back since I'm back in a vintage state of mind. email me with your inquiry's please - I just found my patterns!

This is bringing back memories of when I was working in the basement of a warehouse that the Tubes used to rehearse in. The basement was haunted , A local corset company worked upstairs and there was a pattern maker/designer upstairs above all of us. I vaguely remember some discrepancy I was having with the pattern maker. I have a memory of her and I having a push and pull fight on the top of the steep flight of stairs going up to her loft. I think people were on my side about the argument. I dont remember winning the fight, but I do remember being embarrassed and thinking that this kind of drama isnt good for business and that I had been very close to falling off the stairs and killing myself! Oh, the backstage glamour of the fashion biz!

Anyway, the corset co. and I decided to get the hell out of that space as there was nothing but bad vibe in it. And then they taught me how to make corsets better than I had been making them. Then we all got in a fight and went our seperate ways. Then we made up.

The End

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