Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Canned Creativity

Canned Creativity

Lin Schuler

So many times,
In a month,
In a week,
In a day,
I hear,
"You are so creative,
How do you do it,
What is your secret,
You are so lucky."

I smile,
Shake my head,
Shyly say it's nothing,
Because that,--
This is what I'm expected to say,
That is their illusion.
They don't want it broken,
The truth,
Might rock their reality.
They might have to alter
Their expectations of themselves.

They want to believe,
I go home at night,
Take a can opener,
Open my mind,
Drop in a suggestion,
Stir a second,
And -- instant idea.
They want to believe,
It works that way.
They want to believe creativity,
Is a gift,
Given to a chosen few.

I have the strongest urge,
To take them,
Shake them,
Tell them they live,
In a greater fantasy than I do.
Creativity is not a gift.
Gifts are free.
Creativity is so damned expensive,
It takes everything you are,
Then demands more....

I found this online somewhere. Its perfect. Most people have no clue how things are done. How things are made. What goes into the process. The sacrifices involved. And then they often want it for next to nothing.


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