Saturday, November 24, 2007

Living Outside The Box

While these are not professional quality photos by any means, you can see what a corset will do for a man's physique!

Erling Wold showed me a photo of a leather corset - like vest that Tupac was modeling. We fashioned this on the same idea, only we used a black brocade instead. We gave it adjustable straps that snap in front. Instead of buttons, we used a front busk and laced it up the back. The vest still has the classic useable front pockets and under a jacket, gives the look of a "modern" waistcoat. This is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of a man who refuses to live inside the box. You get a waistcoat and vest all in one.

Erling, we are going to have to grab you and all your fabulous garb and have ourselves a proper photoshoot. These cheap prints cannot do justice to your spendor! (but I really like the velvet painting!)

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